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#002: 3 Steps to Having the Career You Want; Part 2

Jul 22, 2021

Learning to control what you can control is, and letting go of what you can’t, is the key to having a career you want.

If I asked you to make a list of the things you can’t control and the things you can, what would you put on each list? 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure. Most people aren’t. I wasn’t either. 

We all spend way too much time trying to control the things we can’t control, specifically other people, the past and random circumstances or events.

People are people’s favourite thing to waste time trying to control. We want our bosses to be good at the things we value and tell us that we’re awesome.  We want people to be on time for meetings and deliver what they say they’ll deliver in exactly the way we want it done. We want everyone to offer only well-worded, constructive feedback in exactly the way we like to hear it… etc., etc.

We want all this because if people act the way we want them to, then we can be happy.  And if they don’t act the way we like, we blame them for our unhappiness. It sounds illogical when it’s written in black and white, but ask yourself if you’ve ever behaved this way?

I guarantee you have.  We all have.

And it goes beyond people. We want our jobs to make us happy.  And we think working from home is making us lonely. And pandemics are scary. And certain tasks at work are exciting or boring.

What if I told you that’s not how things really work.  What if I told you that bosses don’t cause your emotions. Nor jobs. Nor pandemics. Nor in-laws or spouses or weather…

In this episode you’ll learn a simple 5-step tool that will help you control what you can control so you can have the career you want.  Here’s what I cover;

  • I take you through a specific list of what you can and can’t control, and I think you’ll find it opposite of how you currently operate.
  • I’ll introduce you to a 5-step tool called The Self-Coaching Model that will help you control what you actually can control.
  • We’ll apply the tool to numerous work examples so you can get a sense of where you might be wasting time on things you can’t control, and what you could do differently.
  • And I’m offering you a FREE DOWNLOAD of The Self-Coaching Model Cheatsheet to help you practice on your own.  Click here for the free download.

Here’s the good news.  Having a career you want is 100% in your control.  You don’t need a specific boss or job or role or title or commute to make you happy.  You just need to practice this model.

If you have questions about the model, or want to challenge this thinking for yourself, then send me an email at mel@thecareerreset.com . Or connect with me on social media (links in the footer) and DM me.  I want to hear from you.

CLICK HERE to download your FREE Introductory Guide to Emotional Accountability and learn to be happy in any job you choose. This starter workbook is a gamechanger. You’ll get everything you need to start practicing emotional accountability right away, so that you never have to worry about being happy at work again.

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