#004: How To Be Happy At Work

#004: How To Be Happy At Work

Aug 3, 2021

Learning to manage your feelings is the key to being happy at work.

Doesn’t sound sexy or fun does it? 

Feelings are not something we talk about a lot in the corporate world. Mostly because it’s largely discouraged to openly have them.

The picture of professionalism is the appearance of having no feelings. Always calm. Always neutral and pragmatic. In addition, we want to be seen as confident and focused while having fun and being (at least) content in our roles.

And we want to avoid being frustrated, angry or resentful. We don’t want our insecurities to get the better of us. And we don’t want to judge or be competitive with our workmates. Instead, we want to support them and appreciate them.

Guess what? Everything I just said is just a pile of feelings. 

We may not talk about feelings very much, but we need them in order to show up at our best at work.

In fact, feelings are the most important thing we can learn to manage in our lives because everything we do or don’t do is because we want to feel or avoid feeling something.

In the interest of being happy at work, this episode is dedicated to understanding what drives our feelings at work.  

  • We’ll go through a few examples of why suppressing your emotions is not a long-term strategy for being happy at work.
  • We dive deeper into The Model and learn to focus your thoughts to drive the feelings you want to have.
  • I’ll share my own example of how I quit my job in pursuit of a job that would ‘make me happy’ only to find out that I could be happy anywhere.
  • The first step is getting aware of what you’re feeling and the thoughts that are creating that feeling

Happiness is an emotion. That’s all.  And once you practice getting aware of the thoughts that drive your feelings, then you can start to create your feelings on purpose.  That’s when you realize you can ‘be happy on demand’.

And that’s amazing news because you no longer need to find a job that makes you happy.  You simply need to learn to be happy whenever and wherever you want… and once you can do that, that’s when you can judge the value of where you work on it’s merits against your goals… not on how you think it makes you feel.

And that is true freedom, my friends.

If you have questions about the model, or want to challenge this thinking for yourself, then send me an email at mel@thecareerreset.com . Or connect with me on social media (links in the footer) and DM me.  I want to hear from you.

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