#005: Solving Performance Insecurity

#005: Solving Performance Insecurity

Aug 10, 2021

Let go of performance insecurity by letting go of old tape.

What’s that piece of feedback you get in every review that you’re sick of hearing about? You’re basically doing great, except for this nagging thing that’s holding you back from reaching your career goals. You keep trying different tactics to improve your performance, but your rate of improvement doesn’t seem congruent with the amount of effort and brain drama you’re going through.

I see you and I get it.  Mine was I would get stuck in my own ideas and not always play well with others. We all have something that keeps coming up.

Performance insecurity means wanting to perform a certain way and not being able to change the behaviour no matter how many times you try.

What if I told you that changing your tactics wasn’t going to get you the results you want? Whaaa?  What if I told you that targeting new behaviours not only isn’t going to get you anywhere but in fact is just going to frustrate you more and more.

Well, my friends, it’s true.

If you want to move past the performance behaviours getting in the way of your goals, then you need to change your strategy.  In this episode, I’m going to share the simpler, sustainable way to move past performance insecurity that works every time.

The first step is getting aware of the reasons you haven’t been successful so far, and being clear on the story you tell yourself.  

I call it letting go of old tape.

And by that, I mean understanding the looping tape of stories you have about yourself playing on repeat in your head and learning to PRESS STOP once and for all!  I want you to re-record over that BS with a new, more effective yet still believable story about yourself.

If you want to hear all the details of how to get started on this process, then check out this episode.

Here’s what we cover;

  • What performance insecurity looks like so you can recognize it. 
  • The excuses to watch out for that are indicators that you have performance insecurity
  • Why you have performance insecurity in the first place
  • Things people try that work in a pinch, but don’t create sustainable results
  • What you should do to create long-term shifts in your performance

I’m going to say this all the time.  You can achieve anything you set your mind to.  That’s not a cliche. That’s a fact.  You just need to learn to truly set your mind to it.

So pick one performance behaviour or competency that’s getting your way, and then answer the questions we review in the episode.

If you have questions about the model, or want to challenge this thinking for yourself, then send me an email at mel@thecareerreset.com . Or connect with me on social media (links in the footer) and DM me.  I want to hear from you.

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