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Welcome to the very first episode of the podcast.  I am grateful to have you here. And in fact, you’re probably here because you want more for your career.  And guess what? So many people feel the same as you.

You want a job you love.  You want a job that gives you meaning and purpose. You want a job that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning.  And by the way, that want-to job also has to pay the bills.

Got it.

Now, if I asked you what that job looks like, would you be able to answer that question?  When I ask my Clients, they spend a lot of time talking about the role itself. Makes sense.  But the reality is that a want-to career is so much more than just the role.  

A want-to-career is one that fits perfectly into how you want-to live your life.

So, for this inaugural episode, I want to create a common understanding about what it feels like to be in a have-to-job, and the categories to consider when going after a want-to-career.


Yikes.  Doesn’t sound like fun.  When you put it in black and white like this, you have to ask yourself why you stay in a situation like that.  (If you’re looking for more insight on that, check out Episode 2 of The Career Reset Podcast)

So, if you want to avoid have-to situations in the future, it’s good to know what you need to make any job a want-to one.

Here’s a snapshot of the EIGHT want-to-career categories that we review in the podcast.


Episode Highlights


[06:17] What does it feel like when you have a have-to-job? It’s something that we all sort of know or feel intuitively because it’s just not working out in a consistent way. But what are the feelings that you’re actually feeling when that happens?


[07:25] Here’s the big result if you stay in a have-to job too long. The longer you stay, the more exhausting it actually gets and the more you start to deteriorate and get further and further away from your best self. And ultimately a have-to-career steals your happiness.


[10:22] What does it feel like to have a want-to-career? How would you describe it?


[13:12] How is a want-to-career like buying your dream house?


[15:17] The 8 Cornerstone Categories of your Want-To Career

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