#016: Turning Jealousy Into Inspiration

#016: Turning Jealousy Into Inspiration

Oct 26, 2021

Learn to use jealousy as a trigger for inspiration so you can achieve your goals faster

Ever wish someone else’s success was yours? Someone closes a big deal with a client, or gets a promotion and you think ‘what about me’? Why not me? 

Someone is always getting ahead faster, or making more money, or doing it better than you.  None of that is a problem until you make it a problem.

That’s where jealousy comes in. 

Instead of feeling happy for that person, you feel like shit about yourself.  Instead of wanting to learn from that person, you have a desire to tear them down or judge them.

Does this make you a bad person? Not at all.

But be warned. Investing time and energy on jealousy keeps you stuck.  It steals from your ability to create what you want in your career.  So ask yourself… what is the value of jealousy, really?

Instead, using the success and achievements of others as inspiration is a much more useful and powerful tool.  But that’s easier said than done.  How do you effectively make that transition?

In this episode, I’m going to share my proven tools to use jealousy as a trigger to practice being inspired so you can create more in your career and reach your goals faster with a lot less stress, anxiety and burnout. 

You’ll explore why you feel jealous in the first place and what it looks like so you can really recognize it.  I’ll share the slight differences between jealousy and inspiration and how we often confuse it with competitiveness.

And of course, I’ll give you 4 tools you can practice to turn jealousy into inspiration for good. 



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In this episode, we cover…

  • Jealousy is a useful indicator of showing you what you want
  • Allowing jealousy along for the ride is the only way to tame it
  • Appreciating your own contribution allows you to appreciate the contribution of others
  • Practicing telling yourself why you’re special is an antidote to jealousy
  • If you take the insecurity out of jealousy, you’re left with inspiration

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