#020: Make Better Use Of Your 1-2-1 Meetings (in a remote world)

Mar 10, 2022

These are my 3-Cs for highly productive 1-2-1 meetings for the boss and the report.

It’s always been a challenge to make 1-2-1 meetings really effective and efficient, both for the boss and the report. And now, in a semi-remote world where you have to schedule time just to have a quick chat, using your 1-2-1 time is more important than ever. 

Most people treat their 1-2-1 like a combo catch-all + status meeting.  

If you’re the boss, you get a laundry list of project updates, plus you have your own list of new tasks you’ve been saving up to download. If you’re the report, not only do you come with a huge list of updates, but also a huge list of decisions your boss has to make on the fly.

The result is that you waste time saving up things that don’t need to be saved up.  You spend time on updates that don’t need to be updated. You bombard people with new projects or on-the-spot decisions. And there’s no time for connection or development. 

Instead, I share my 3-C’s for making your 1-2-1 sessions highly productive for both the work and the development. Your 1-2-1 meetings will be the backbone for optimizing your success between meetings, whether you’re the boss or report



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