#021: Becoming Naturally Good at Anything

#021: Becoming Naturally Good at Anything

Mar 17, 2022

Being naturally good at anything is a learned behaviour.

You’re at your most effective when you behave naturally. Things just come easy. You don’t have to think about it, you just do it. What are you a natural at? Have you ever asked yourself how you became a natural?

You know that person who’s so natural at networking and having conversations with people? Do you think they were actually born that way?  No!  It’s a learned behaviour. 

You know that person who seems like they naturally inspire others to be motivated and take action? Do you really think they came out of their mama’s belly like that? No!  

People who are naturally great at networking or leading or negotiating weren’t born that way.  They became that way.

They learned it. They honed it … sometimes without even knowing they were. Maybe they started learning really young. Maybe they had a role model that inspired them. 

Whatever the reason, they learned how to be a natural.  And you can too.  

Successful people aren’t always born successful.  They have something much more important. They believe they can be successful and they have a commitment to deliberate practice.

In this episode, you’ll learn three steps to becoming naturally good at anything. So all that’s left is to decide what you want to naturally become and then listen to this week’s episode. 



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