#023: 3 Categories Of Leadership You Need for Success

Mar 31, 2022

You need all three categories of leadership working in concert to build a truly sophisticated career development strategy.

When you talk about leadership, you’re usually talking about leading people.  It’s either the way you lead your team, or show up as a leader within your team.  

This area of leadership is important to your career success.

However, there are two additional categories of leadership in your career that we don’t talk about so much; leading yourself and leading your goals.   

These aren’t the first things we prioritize because they don’t have as much impact on other people.  Their impact is indirect at best.  They’re really more for enabling ourselves. 

We tend not to talk about them too much because they don’t involve others.  We deprioritize them like anything else we do for ourselves because we’re only answering to ourselves.

But these other two categories are a huge part of your career success.  They are more directly related to your ability to grow quickly within your career.

In this episode, we’ll dive deeper into the top three categories of leadership you must prioritize in order to build a truly sophisticated career development strategy and continue your pace of growth.  I’ll share what’s included in each category, examples of how they show up and how to prioritize your effort across all three. 



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