#028: 5 Questions That Will Improve Your Performance Now

Improve performance at any skill by simply answering these five questions once a day.

You sit down at your desk after a long day of meetings and fires.  You’re so glad it’s over.  Except it’s not over.  You have at least four more things to do before you go home.  

Your boss comes by your desk and you tell them about all the work you still have to do.  They say “you have to learn to work smarter” 

And you think, “No shit, Sherlock.” (I’m so 80’s! 🔍🔍).  

It’s not a revelation that you need to work less. You keep trying to do that, but it’s not working.  And you have a million reasons why.

It’s similar to any situation where you’re trying to improve performance .  It’s not like you don’t know what success is supposed to look like.  It’s not like you don’t know what to do (e.g. delegate, defer say no, prioritize, set boundaries, etc). It’s simply that you’re having a hard time doing it. 

You try, but you keep reverting back.  You’re not seeing sustained improved performance. And your boss giving you some drive-by, one-liner feedback doesn’t help (take note bosses).

It doesn’t matter what your skillset or behavioural challenge might be, I’m going to give you a strategy to change the game for you.  I’ll give you five questions you can ask yourself to help you quickly and sustainably improve performance.  And, I’ll give you some answers as well.  

This is content I teach in my 1-1 coaching program. It works.  And I’m going to give it to you this week in my podcast. We’ll cover how to use the five questions to get really specific on what you need to do so you can help yourself reach your potential.


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