#029: Mistakes That Create Burnout

Break the burnout cycle! Learn the habits that create burnout and small changes you can make to stop the burnout cycle. 

Burnout is a pattern for a lot of people.  If burnout is a pattern for you, then you know the cycle well.  

It starts with everything going well.  It’s going so well that you think, “I can do more, I can work harder”. Then you push yourself past your best and you get more and more exhausted until you burnout. And then you have to recover.

I know this pattern well.  And it’s a lot messier than I just toplined. 

Each burnout cycle takes more and more out of you.  It gets harder to recover from both mentally and physically. 

Oftentimes we blame our burnout on the demands of the job.  We blame it on the culture of the company.  And it’s true that some companies demand a lot out of their employees.  

But just because someone demands something, you don’t have to give it to them. Let me prove it to you… I demand you give me $100K (email me and I’ll give you an address to send the check)

You can’t blame the company for always asking for more.  Of course they will. 

You’re the only one in charge of what you agree to do.  You’re more in charge of your burnout than you know.  

Today, I want to teach you to take back control over your burnout.  We’ll shine a light on the habits that perpetuate the burnout cycle and suggest small changes you can make to start taking control.


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