#030: WHEN YOU’RE ANXIOUS ALL THE TIME: Managing Anxiety at Work

Learning to manage anxiety is the key to improving productivity and enjoying your job more. 

If you wake up in the morning and automatically think you’re behind, work like crazy all day and then lose sleep because you’re worried about all the things you have to do tomorrow, then you’re probably feeling anxious a lot of the time. 

You can use anxiety to help you kickstart taking action, but if you’re running off anxiety most of the time then you’re in for some nasty side effects, like;

  • Being exhausted all the time
  • Not being able to consistently do your best work
  • Hating your job
  • Making non-strategic decisions about your career 
  • Maybe even depression

Anxiety is an emotion that can get in the way of your career goals and distract you from being the leader you want to be. 

In this episode, I’ll help you find strategies to manage anxiety at work and diminish the impact anxiety has on your performance.


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