#031: Too Much On Your Plate: FINDING THE TIME

Jul 14, 2022

Do you have trouble finding time in your day? Being overworked is a leadership problem. This episode will help you better lead your time. 


Are you so busy that you can’t read this post?  Well… I’ll keep it short.

I’m going to help you with finding the time in your schedule so you can have a life (and perform better at work).

I get it.  You have no time.

You’re in back to back meetings.  You barely have time to pee.  And by 5 o’clock your brain hurts, but there’s no way you can stop.

And even when you find the time to spend with your kiddos, you’re distracted thinking about a project or checking your phone.

You think there’s no end to this effing hamster-wheel, but there is one. 

And you don’t have to quit your job or take a lesser job.

You don’t have to quit bosses even if you have one that wants you to work 24/7.

You just need a different leadership strategy.  

It starts with you and I want to share some tips to get started.

Listen to this week’s podcast episode WHEN YOU HAVE TOO MUCH ON YOUR PLATE:  Find the time.

Time management is a leadership competency.  And if you don’t have time, it’s not because you have a scheduling issue… it’s because you have a leadership issue.

That’s a little direct… I get it.  But isn’t it refreshing to know you own the solution to this problem?

If you can invest the time to listen to this episode, then you have a pretty good chance of finding more time in your life.




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