#034: Managing Tough People: Part 2

Aug 25, 2022

Managing tough people is not easy. This is part two of transforming someone who’s a problem to someone with loads of potential.


Just because someone is easy to manage, it doesn’t mean they’re your best people. 

As a leader, part of your mandate is to get the best out of all your people.  But let’s be honest, some people are easier to manage than others.

But is that their problem?  Or your problem?

Your tough people are tough for you.

Often we label people as easy and tough. And when you do that, you start seeing them differently and treating them differently.

We take someone who might have been rough around the edges and turn them into sandpaper.

And we limit their potential.

In last week’s episode, I went into detail on the number one thing you need to do with your tough people before you do anything else.  If you don’t do this one thing, nothing else will work.

In part two, I go into detail on what to do next to help you transform your tough people into top performers!

These two episodes are  full of tips and real client stories and is a must listen for anyone with tough people to manage.



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