#036: Naturally Delegating Like A Leader

The reason for delegating is not to save time.  It’s to get better results

This is not your normal podcast on delegation.  The problem most people have with delegation is NOT that they don’t want to do it.  They just don’t see the value in it.  They don’t think it’s going to save them time. 

And the reason I know this is because if you really saw the true value of delegation, then you would prioritize it.  We make time for the things that add value to us.

Part of the problem is that you think the value of delegation is to save you time. And when you don’t see the time saved (because you’re still working all the hours) you don’t delegate.

And on top of that, when you do delegate, the work you get back isn’t great.  And that feeds the notion that it would have been faster if you do it yourself.

What has created this ongoing challenge is the belief that delegation is supposed to save you time.  

That is a thought error.

Delegating like a leader is not about saving you time.

It’s about investing your time wisely to drive better results long term.

In this episode of the HAVE THE CAREER YOU WANT podcast I’m talking about giving yourself a reason to delegate that naturally makes it easier to do and drives better results for your team.

I’ll help you invest in the real value of delegating (spoiler alert – it has nothing to do with saving time), and strategies for delegating effectively so you love the work you get back and your team doesn’t feel overworked.


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