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Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more powerful than you probably ever considered.  Most people use it as a repository for their resume or a place to see what people are up to.

But that’s not really what LinkedIn is all about.

LinkedIn is a place to build your career.

And my guest this week is going to tell you exactly how to do that in just 20 min a day. 

Meet Tyron Giuliani.

Ty is an Aussie living in Tokyo who has built several multi 7-figure businesses, including a recruiting firm. He spent 16 years in Executive Recruitment, where he was retained and engaged to build out the executive talent for some of the most premier companies in the world, including Amazon, Google, Apple, PayPal, Starbucks, Virgin and Walmart.

And he also coaches professionals on how to transform their LinkedIn from a non-performing resume to a client-facing, lead generation tool. 

In this episode, he discusses how to get really strategic about LinkedIn, and leverage it to achieve your career goals faster.

This is about way more than your profile.

We discuss three main topics.

BUILDING AUTHORITY.  How to use LinkedIn to strategically be seen as an expert in the topics and areas that align with your career goals.

ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY. How to create an engagement strategy that helps you build relationships with the people and organizations you want to work with.

WHERE TO FOCUS YOUR CONTENT.  The easiest way to build content that gets you noticed in just 20 mins a day.

This episode is gold.

what you will discover in this episode

  • How to be a micro-influencer in just 20 min a day
  • Take your profile from a resume repository to a mini landing page all about you
  • Get requests for interviews without even sending a resume
  • Create meaningful conversations with people you’d never normally have a chance to meet
  • Strategically align all your actions with your career goals
  • Purposefully create a tribe of influencers, connections and like-minded people who you can take with you no matter where you go.


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