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Ep 45 - Why Imposter Syndrome is a lie

Did you know there was a difference between confidence and self-confidence? Probably not. I didn’t for years.  I used the terms interchangeably and just decided that I didn’t have enough of either.

Sound familiar?

And even if there is a difference, is it even worth noticing.  Um… ya.

For a couple of reasons.  

First of all.  Self-Confidence is the key to growth.  If you want to do things you’ve never done before and achieve things you’ve never achieved before, understanding how to generate self-confidence will be a valuable tool.

Second. You’re going to realize you’re more confident than you give yourself credit for.  And that’s a game-changer too.  Because even though confidence may not be a growth emotion (yes, you read that right), it’s still something that creates a lot of positive energy so you can do your best work.

We’re also going to cover how self-confidence turns into arrogance.  Spoiler alert – it doesn’t. 

Truly self-confident people are never arrogant. But we will be talking about what creates arrogance and what it looks like (just in case you’re doing it without knowing you are).

And finally, for those drivers out there who want to work on their self-confidence, I’ll share three indicators of self-confidence that you can practice to dial up your speed of success.

what you will discover in this episode

  • Why it’s important to know the difference 

  • Why neither one is better than the other.

  • Arrogance has nothing to do with self-confidence.

  • The 3 things that make you more self-confidence.

  • How to start being more self-confident.


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