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Perfectionist Myth

This episode is for both the perfectionists who know they’re perfectionists and the folks who don’t know they’re perfectionists.

So it’s basically for all human beings. Because perfectionism shows up in so many ways. 

This isn’t just for those people who try to make their work perfect or get upset when there’s a hair out of place. It’s for anyone who’s has a goal they just can’t seem to achieve. 

And it’s for anyone who let’s fear of failure stop them from taking action.

If that’s you, you may be dealing with the perfectionist myth without even knowing about it, and it could be getting in the way of your career potential. 

If you know you’re a perfectionist you have some sense of what you’re dealing with, but there are those of you out there who have no clue and it’s getting in the way of you reaching your goals – because the idea of you being a perfectionist is so unacceptable to you – that you’re not even dealing with it. 

And even if you find out you’re a perfectionist without even knowing it – don’t sweat it.  It’s just a title – it has no power.

What has power is identifying the root of your problem so you can solve it.

So listen to this episode so you can break down the perfectionist myth, how it’s getting in the way of you reaching your goals without you knowing it… and then let’s talk about how to break the cycle.

what you will discover in this episode

  • The definition of the perfectionist myth

  • How you believe the myth even if you think you’re not a perfectionist

  • The lie that’s holding you back from your goals

  • The reward you can have right now

  • Find out if your trapped in the START-OVER-CYCLE

  • Breaking the perfectionist cycle through imperfection

  • Why everyone needs a coach




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