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Self Sabotage

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One of the big mindset challenges that I’ve been meaning to talk about, and comes up all the time is something I call SUCCESS INTOLERANCE.

This is a term I made up. 

You probably know it as Self-Sabotage.  But I like success intolerance because it more perfectly describes what is actually happening in your brain.  

Self-sabotage is the action that you take. But success intolerance is what happens in your brain that drives the actions that you would consider as self-sabotage. 

So success intolerance is more causal.  And self-sabotage is the symptom of success intolerance. 

Success Intolerance is when your brain tries to avoid the discomfort of going after the success you want by feeding you unproductive thoughts that stop you from taking the action necessary to achieve growth.

It kinda goes like this. 

You have an opportunity for growth.  You’re a bit uncomfortable with it for whatever reason. So your brain feeds you a thought that leads to actions that get in your way of achieving success.

In this episode we’ll define success intolerance, where it comes from and why it show up.  And then we’ll share how to recognize it on the job and ultimately how to deal with it so you can achieve the success you deserve!

what you will discover in this episode

  • What is success intolerance?
  • The way your brain is programmed to avoid success

  • Examples of pre-emptive failure and controlled suffering

  • The 5 types of Success Intolerance Stories

  • How to find your story and what to do about it

  • The Success Intolerance hack you can start using right now

  • How Success Intolerance is stopping you from getting help


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