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The price of your success

Discomfort is the price of your success, my friends.  Yes, I’m giving you the punchline upfront because knowing the price of success is not enough.

You must know how to pay the price of discomfort.

This is no easy task.  It sounds way easier than it is. Your survival brain doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable so it’s going to fight you all the way along.  That’s how it’s wired.

But the high-achiever that you are doesn’t have to let your survival brain drive the bus.  

In this episode, I’m going to arm you with the knowledge of the kinds of discomfort that serve your success vs. the discomfort that spins you away from success… ‘cos not all discomfort is created equal.

AND, I’m going to share the daily ritual that I use to notice where the discomfort shows up so you can make the best investment of your time and energy and move towards success faster!

what you will discover in this episode

  • Your ability to allow discomfort is directly correlated to your success.
  • Discomfort is a general name of a much larger bucket of emotions.
  • Not all discomfort is created equal.
  • There is discomfort that serves success and discomfort that spins you away from success.
  • 4 quick questions to answer every day that help you choose your discomfort
  • Self-care is not a cuddle.  Self-care is doing things that make you uncomfortable.


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