#058: Fixing Crappy Work Relationships | The Career Reset
Work Relationships

Work relationships are as important to your career success as any achievement on the job.  You know it’s true.  You’ve seen the people who aren’t so great at the job, but nail the relationship part. Yet so many people let the work relationships go or don’t make time for them.

It’s a miss my friends. 

The good news is, you can not only refresh work relationships at any time and easily make them work for you.  Even the crappy ones.

In this episode, I’m going to show you how to never have another bad work relationship, and how to fix the ones that are getting in your way.

what you will discover in this episode

  • What makes a good or bad relationship and why you hold all the cards
  • What you can and can’t control in work relationships
  • How to address sticky work relationships without making it ‘a thing’
  • The three you need to work on to nurture any good work relationship
  • Why it’s more important to be respected vs. liked


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