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In this episode, I’m talking about staying accountable to your career and making your career goals happen, and I’m going to give you some valuable tips to help you stay accountable. In fact, I’m going to give you the magic formula to getting things done.

It’s magic because it works and it’s not overwhelming. 

I want to make it easy for you to stay accountable and motivated to execute and stay on top of your career plan… because you know what?  I really think this is the part that most people struggle with.

You can do all that other stuff… like figure out what you want to do, meet with people for advice, dedicate the time to writing a career plan.  But when it comes to actually making it happen and being accountable, we often start strong… and then peter out.

Because when you start taking action,  there is an on-going battle with your mind, your confidence and your motivation. You’re constantly navigating your thoughts so you can keep taking action and keep moving your career forward.

And that constant navigating sounds like so much work, right?  Sometimes, it feels like it would just be soooo much easier to just close your eyes and coast in the job you have right now.

But I have two things to say before you do that…

  1. Staying accountable to your career does not have to be overwhelming… and 
  2. Closing your eyes and coasting is the most dangerous thing you can do for your career.

So we’re going to make it easy for you to stay motivated and accountable.  

This is the last piece of the puzzle when you’re taking control of your career. This is the part where you’re really going out there and making it happen, bringing your career plan to life and starting to do the things that you need to do to make your career goals a reality.

But this is the part that a lot of people take for granted.  They think this part is easy.  This is the ‘get it done’ part, and I know how to get things done! I do it all the time.

People underestimate the strategy and planning that it takes to get things done.  Yes… there’s a strategy in HOW you get things done and stay accountable to your career.

Why do you need a strategy?

Because anytime you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and starting to do things differently, it feels a little uncomfortable.  And when you start feeling uncomfortable, things can go sideways very easily. Your brain starts kicking in, and it tries to convince you to STOP doing these things that are uncomfortable.  And so it’s really easy to get off track.  

Especially since you’re only accountable to yourself.  No one’s making you do it.

As long as you have a job right now, it’s easy to deprioritize your career management because no one’s waiting for you to do it. You have a job. You can eat. You have shelter. You can survive where you are right now.  So why worry about the future?

So it’s easy right? When something gets hard, or we’re nervous to do it, or it gets uncomfortable… and no one is waiting for us to do it… what happens?  We don’t do it. We think it’s OK to deprioritize it.

And that’s natural, because your brain is wired to 1) STAY SAFE.  And 2) TO CONSERVE ENERGY.

The minute your brain senses discomfort, it wakes up and says what’s going on here?  We can’t have this! Your brain starts sending you messages like – Are you sure you want to do this.  Wouldn’t it be easier to do this other things instead?  Or just do nothing? Or just do this later?

That’s why people fall off diets or meal plans or let hobbies go, or have unfinished projects around the house.  You hit a road block, or something gets hard and you start making excuses to stop. Or you start avoiding this project or this change that you were trying to implement.

We only re-engage when a crisis kicks in because again, our safety is in jeopardy.  And that’s we tend to prioritize the hard stuff.  

But as we’ve talked about before, when it comes to your career, you don’t want to wait for a crisis to motivate you because that’s when we end up either making short term, emotional decisions that don’t always work out for us.  Or we find ourselves trapped in a tough situation with no options.

So what can you do instead?  How can you stay accountable to your career and maintain the momentum with as little struggle as possible with your tricky brain.

Well I’ve got a simple magic formula that I want to share with you today.  



Each part of this formula is critical. If you skip any part of this, you will lose momentum. It’s not a risk – it’s a for sure.

Episode Highlights


[12:16] So let’s start with CONSISTENCY….


[16:12] The two rules of consistency.


[19:35] Now let’s talk to SMALL STEPS …


[23:52] The one rule of taking small steps


[28:56] Multiply everything with your WINS.

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