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Making career decisions is where people spend a lot of time spinning out.  The #1 thing people bring up when they first talk to me is “I don’t know what I want from my career”.  And I’m generally speaking to strong, ambitious, intelligent women.

These women have already achieved so much in their careers (whether they believe that or not). And yet… when it comes to making career decisions for themselves, they’re lost. Why?

It’s simple.  They believe making the “wrong” career decisions will impact their happiness.  They think that they can only be happy if they make the absolute perfect career decisions.

You often think the job you choose has control over your happiness, or the city you live in, or the person you marry, or the boss you have, or your job title has control over your happiness.

And so you think that you need to control all those external things in order to be happy.

It’s exhausting.  And btw, it doesn’t work anyway.

You are too smart to be giving away so much power.

Because what determines if those things are the right choices for you?

You do.

So the only way something is a ‘wrong decision’ is if you let it be. 

The power over your happiness is something YOU can control and has nothing to do with what happens after you make your decisions.  

And that’s what we’re covering in this episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to make career decisions that you don’t regret.  Ever. 

So now you can save all that time worrying and spinning and invest it back into yourself.  Imagine what can happen when you do that!

what you will discover in this episode

  • The main reasons you avoid making career decisions.
  • What a decision actually is.
  • How to make an informed career decision.
  • The things to consider when making career decisions.
  • How you know you’ve made the right career decision (and p.s. it’s not because it ‘feels right’)
  • What to do after you’ve made career decisions (and avoiding regret)


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