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Managing Failure at Work

Managing failure is integral to success. But not a lot of people acknowledge that.

It’s one of the things that hold people back from realizing their full potential. Why?

Because fear of failure can stagnate your growth.

Even the people who are used to taking chances struggle with managing failure at work.

Which is understandable.. It brings on such a negative notion that people would rather play it safe than risk a new idea.

Especially because failure at work is often “frowned upon”. Let’s be honest, you get in trouble when you fail at work. People tend to freak out and start playing the blame game.

“It doesn’t feel like I’m allowed to make a mistake at work.”

So if I need to fail to be successful, but the people at work don’t want me to fail, what’s the solution? How do I turn this lose-lose situation into a win-win?

This is something a lot of people struggle with.

So in this episode, we’re talking about how to manage failure at work.  You’re going to go from someone who’s afraid to make a mistake or push the envelope for fear of repercussions to someone who knows how to create space for failure in your organization.  You will no longer be afraid of making a mistake or thinking big because you’re going to know how to manage your organization and yourself pre, post and during failure.

You’re going to learn how to manage small failures after the fact, how to manage expectations for big risk BEFORE you move forward and how to manage your own mind throughout the process.

By creating a safe space for failure, you accelerate your success.  Your growth doesn’t have to be stagnated by your company’s aversion to failure.  Managing failure helps you have fun, be innovative, grow and not let what other people say about you get in your way.

Listen to: EP 62: Managing Failure at Work.

what you will discover in this episode

  • How your corporate culture can make it scary to fail at work
  • How to use Simon Says as a way to manage the conversation around failure after the fact
  • How to use the example of the plucky reporter as a way to create space for innovative thinking.
  • How to treat failure so you don’t beat the crap out of yourself every time.


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