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I want to be promoted, already! (Art Cover)

So you want to be promoted.  Good goal.  What’s the plan?

When I ask people that, their answer often is ‘be really great at my job’. OK.  That’s one strategy.  What else ya got?

Getting promoted is about a lot more than just doing your job well.  I mean, that’s important too.  But there’s more to it than that.  And frankly, are you sure you’re doing your job well?  How are you measuring that?  How are the decision makers measuring that?

If you want to get promoted, you want to make it so that it’s a no brainer for all the decision makers.

You want to make it so when they’re sitting around a table (or a zoom call), having a talent management discussion, and your name comes up, everyone is like “oh ya, for sure she should be promoted – no question”.

Often people think that their only input into their promotion is how well they do their job.  And that’s not totally true.  You have a lot more control than that. You don’t have to wait around for other people to decide if you’re ready.

In this week’s episode, I’m going to take you through my A.I.M. method to being promoted. It’s all about Assess, Incrementalize and Market.  Use this method to build a plan to get promoted faster, easier and with a lot less drama.

what you will discover in this episode

  • When to stop whining and start taking control
  • Getting yourself (and everyone around you) laser focused on why they should promote you
  • How you can apply my A.I.M Method to your situation
  • Steps to winning over an influential critic
  • Keeping your options open


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