#069: Is perfectionism your blind spot? | The Career Reset
 Is Perfectionims your Blindspot?

I’ve talked about perfectionism before.  This week, I wanted to take a slightly different view on it.  Perfectionism can show up in really sneaky ways and plagues smart people and high-achievers and stops you from making significant progress on your goals.  Perfectionist thinking is so crafty that you wouldn’t even consider yourself a perfectionist, yet it could still be a blind spot.

Join me as I talk about some of the perfectionist thinking that is getting in your way without knowing it and share exactly what you need to do to stop perfectionist thinking in its tracks.

I’ll share two concepts that will help you bypass perfectionism for good.  More importantly, these concepts will help you reach your goals faster and with a lot less anxiety and stress.

So that next time you set a goal for yourself, you’ll know for sure that you have the ability to follow through and achieve it.  No watering it down.  Not take backs or start overs.  Just you, trusting yourself to always do what you say you’re going to do.

what you will discover in this episode

  • The insidious ways perfectionism shows up and keeps you from reaching your goals.
  • Why you keep giving up on your goals and starting over.
  • Adopting a baseline mentality
  • How to set a goal and know you’re going to stick to it.


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