#007: My 3 Big Career Mistakes | The Career Reset
Today I’m talking about something that’s not easy to talk about.  Mistakes.

I going to share the big mistakes I made in my career. Yikes! The idea of sharing my big career mistakes is not something I’m looking forward to.

And you might say, ‘what’s the big deal?.  We all make mistakes’. And that’s absolutely true.  But it doesn’t make it easier. Call it pride. Call it embarrassment mixed with a little side of shame.

It’s not easy to share mistakes.  Especially career mistakes. Because making mistakes at work seems to have more gravitas.  It seems scarier because it feels like you’re risking your financial security or self-esteem when you make career mistakes. 

But it’s important.  It’s important to share career mistakes, because that’s a big part of how we learn.  We learn from the experience of others. And now that I’m allegedly on the other side of a lot of these career mistakes, my goal is to help you avoid them.

So in order to avoid a bit of a pity party, I want to start by saying my experience with Corporate life was mostly good. I had a lot of success.  I was a senior Director of Marketing for McDonalds. And whether you like McDonald’s or not, it’s a prestigious brand and one that Marketers are privileged to work with.

I met great people.  I had once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I loved a lot of it.  Until I didn’t. But that is a story for another podcast.  

But you know what?  Even though I had a lot of opportunity and success, I still sabotaged my myself.  I made a lot of career mistakes that limited my ability to take advantage of opportunities.  To really reach my full potential.

And even though, I was part of the senior management team of a World Class organization, I still had massive imposter syndrome.  Truth be known, the more senior I got, the bigger my imposter syndrome got!

This might sound obnoxious, but the truth is I could have been way more successful in my Corporate life. But that’s the truth. I did a lot of great stuff. But I had some chronic challenges that really caused me to really blow it. 

So if you want to get some insight in what not to do, check out the podcast to hear the 3 Big Career Mistakes I made that got in the way of my career success.

P.S.  And now that I listen back to the podcast, it still makes me go yikes!  But I hope by doing this, it helps you reflect on how you’re showing up for your career.  Leave a comment below to share your big career mistakes and help someone else!

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Episode Highlights

[3:56] What really matters. It’s what’s going on in your head. And what was going on in my head made me act out in so many ways. 
[5:53] The first mistake I want to share with you is that I didn’t believe in myself.
[8:49] It’s easy to feel like an imposter when I was still carrying around this I’m lucky to be here type of attitude.
[13:15] I stayed too long at the party.  Basically, I stayed at McDonald’s for 12 years when really after five years, that probably should have been enough.
[15:19] I set limits on myself on what I could achieve. I always said to myself, I’m a really strong number two…
[17:13] My number two mistake was I did not have career plan just for me
[22:17] And the third mistake I made was I didn’t prioritize myself.

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