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I DON'T TRUST THEM Trusting people at work

I recently did a corporate workshop around trusting people at work.

When you’re in a personal or intimate relationship with someone, you get to choose whether you’re in that relationship or not. And one of the reasons you choose to be in a relationship is based on how much you trust someone.

At work, you don’t always get to choose who you work with. Often you’re building trust and trying to do your best work at the same time and sometimes it feels like those two things can be at cross-purposes.

You feel like you’re forced into choosing between ‘trusting this person’ and ‘being recognized for doing my great work’.

But that’s a false choice.

I would actually say that in order to show up at your best, you must be trusting. Does that sound naïve? I’m going to prove to you that it’s quite the opposite. I’ve tried it both ways and being distrustful of people only hurts you.

Tune in to this week’s episode to discover the obvious and not so obvious ways of trusting people at work, how not trusting can make you untrustworthy in the process and what you can do instead. A world where you trust people despite their behaviour sounds a bit naive, but I’m going to show you why it’s actually the smartest, shrewdest thing you can do for yourself and your team.

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what you will discover in this episode

  • The insidious ways perfectionism shows up and keeps you from reaching your goals.
  • Why you keep giving up on your goals and starting over.
  • Adopting a baseline mentality
  • How to set a goal and know you’re going to stick to it.


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