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Today I’m talking to Karen Yankovich, Social Media Consultant and LinkedIn Specialist

Karen built her multiple 6-figure business by learning how to blend high-touch relationship based marketing with practical business online savvy, and she brings that success to her clients as well. Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build highly profitable businesses doing what they love, all while making an impact.

On today’s episode, we talk about all things to do with your LinkedIn profile and why it’s important to express who you really are versus the prim and proper ‘corporate’ version

We chat about building your network on LinkedIn and ways to actually accomplish this without being ‘spammy’. How to connect with these people and tips to keep that relationship warm.

Do you use your LinkedIn endorsements to highlight keywords for people to find your LinkedIn profile? Have you checked what keywords your profile is linked to? This is something I didn’t check before talking with Karen, but it’s a good indication on how you look in the search areas and how your profile is being found on Linkedin.

Get your LinkedIn profile to where you want it to go with Karen’s 5-day challenge, link below. It begins October 28th so don’t wait, click today.

Utilizing LinkedIn on an ongoing basis, can really help you build your overall career.

P.S.  Karen gives The Career Reset listeners a really great offer, but you’ve got to listen to hear what it is!

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Episode Highlights


[7:26] Niching is really one of the ways that you can really very quickly grow your credibility and your income 


[11:03] What lights you up? And start talking more about that.


[12:47] Your resume is who you used to be, right? Your LinkedIn profile is who you are becoming..


[14:14] Even when you’re looking at it from a tactical standpoint, the experience section doesn’t say jobs, it says experience.


[29:27] Be really generous with endorsing other people.


[33:18] There are so many ways to leverage LinkedIn and your LinkedIn profile that may not necessarily be job-related.


[35:27] Do whatever you want to do. Apply for it, try for it.

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