#009 How to Drive The Career Results You Want Every Time

Today I’m talking all about results and what you can and cannot control in order to get the career results you want.

We get hyper-focused on the results we get at work because we’re so concerned with not failing.  A lot of the time, when people don’t get the results they want, they feel like they failed.

And it’s the big things and small things. You get results all day every day…

  • Performance reviews and big project outcomes
  • How things went during a meeting
  • Your presentation
  • How the negotiation turned out
  • How a conversation went
  • Your relationship with your boss sucks.  Or more likely – your boss hates you. Or doesn’t appreciate you. Or is an a-hole.
  • How what someone said about you make you feel?  How many people have heard something someone said about them, and it spiraled them out for a little bit…an hour, a day, a week?

Every one of those things has a result that can impact your next result depending on how you handle it.

Ultimately, our results impact how we show up and how we live our lives.  Our brains assess the results we get and then tuck that info away and cause many thoughts throughout the day. Good and bad.

Are you aware of your daily thoughts?

Listen to today’s episode to get my easy and actionable tips on how to take back control to get your best career results.


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Episode Highlights

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[2:37] Every result you get, is a new piece of data. 


[6:38] When your mind is so focused on what you’re trying to do, in a really constructive way, you get better results.


[10:27] And even if you only practice this ONCE every day for the next month, you are going to see such a huge difference in how you show up.


[20:20] Everything you think is 100% in your control.


[23:36] Just start with awareness.


[25:06] Everything you do… and don’t do… is driven by how you feel or want to feel or want to avoid feeling about something, or someone in a moment.


[40:11] Think about the kind of results you want this week. And think about what you need to think, to get those results.

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