#010 Vision Mapping Your Goals with Tracey Roesch Williams

Today I’m talking to Tracy Roesch Williams, aka Alaska Tracy, all about Vision Mapping.

Tracy is a woman with a vision.  She has reinvented her career over and over again.  And in each iteration, she’s always focused on creating a vision for what she wanted and then bringing that vision to life.

Tracy’s goal is to guide women entrepreneurs into clarity, calmness, and profits. She brings her 18 years as an entrepreneur and developed a Vision Mapping System.  The system involves creating measurable actions, accountability and oodles of FREEDOM.

And now what Tracy is focused on is helping women in business or starting a business create a business vision for what aligns with them.

If you’ve been wondering how this ‘vision thing’ has worked for others, but hasn’t worked for you, listen to today’s episode. It might be as simple as your vision isn’t aligned with you and your future.

And that’s okay.

Tracy chats about how one of her clients thought she wanted to start a certain business, but it turns out, that role wasn’t aligned for her. She reinvented her role in the business and is now loving it.

Just because you have a certain vision for your career, doesn’t mean things can’t be changed as you take action.

We discuss how important vision mapping is for your goals, simple and actionable steps on how you too can incorporate this into your life and career, and she gives the listeners a FREE download.

Some key takeaways from the episode:

  • Create a picture of how you want to live your life.
  • Take imperfect action
  • Small steps towards accountability

What’s your career vision? Tell me in the comments below and let me know if you use a vision board, and if you do, what’s on your vision board?

P.S.  Make sure you download Tracy’s FREE guide below.

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Episode Highlights


[4:59] If you want to do something, there are two key pieces to that; getting clear on what you want to do and going after it.


[15:24] Look back and think, where you are today, and what your thoughts were when you were younger. And if they are in sync at all.


[18:54] If you put that number and then you ask yourself “is it aligned with my heart?”


[23:49] We can do anything if we’re aligned and willing to serve.


[29:24] It’s a plan. It’s a visual plan, it’s a system that I have.


[32:00] And the big piece, accountability.

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