#011 How To Effectively Give Feedback To Grow Your People

Have you ever received feedback from your employer?

A coworker?

Have you ever been the one to give feedback?

Your job is to grow strong leaders – so much involved there – but I want to zero in on something you are likely doing all the time – giving ongoing performance feedback

We all have things we’re working on to be better leaders – how we communicate or collaborate or build relationships or it could be feedback on how people are doing the function of their job.

As a Manager (someone who manages people) a big part of your job is people development, and in order to develop people, you must be giving them ongoing feedback.

There are ways to give feedback, and there are ways not to give it.  

It isn’t just a one-sided conversation. If you decide to give someone feedback, you have to be all in. Willing to offer solutions, but also willing to listen to the other person’s response. 

In the podcast, I’ll review the 5 simple steps to giving feedback that creates results.  You can also download the quick guide in the link below.

I also discuss the importance of mindset. What you think comes out in your actions, words, and demeanor which is very important to remember when giving feedback.

If your words say one thing, but your body language another, it sends mixed messages and your review isn’t received well, if at all.

Listen to today’s episode as I go in-depth with lots of great tips and examples.


P.S.  Don’t forget to download  The 5 Simple Steps to Giving Feedback That Creates Results.

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Episode Highlights


[9:30] I’m really going to be focused on the feedback ‘givers’. 


[10:41] Feedback is not reserved only when someone does something “undesirable”/ “wrong”.


[13:54] You end on the benefit.


[21:08] Because there wasn’t a two-way dialogue, because there weren’t shared expectations in the beginning, because there wasn’t an agreement on how to move forward from there and a combined solution from there, the review becomes destructive. 


[23:11] When you go into a feedback conversation, I want you to maybe not do it ‘on the fly’, certainly don’t do it when you’re emotional or riled up in any way. 


[24:47] Then stop talking. Let them answer.


[30:23] Giving effective feedback is a learned behaviour.

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