#012 How To Lead Performance Development For You And Your People

I love this episode.  Performance Development is something I’m passionate about, and we are so lucky to have this week’s guest.

In this episode, I’m talking to Linda Watt all about performance development for you and for your people. Linda is the Director of Learning & Development and Consulting Services at the University of Guelph.

Linda has her Masters in Human Systems Intervention (I didn’t know that was a thing). She’s a certified coach. She has advanced certification in conflict management and mediation, strength deployment, leadership effectiveness, a trained facilitator and on and on. 

The lady knows her stuff!

Her main goal at the University is creating the conditions for people to be at their best at work. And she has really revolutionized the approach in a way that I believe is an emerging template for all organizations.

Linda is focused on creating a format for ongoing, two-way performance development conversations. She has built a proprietary framework for having productive conversations about growth and performance, and of course, she shares her approach in the podcast.

One of the many things Linda and I both agree on is that an annual performance review process is not ideal. It doesn’t optimize the experience for the employee or manager. And equally important, it doesn’t drive results. Instead, her team conducts a summary of the conversations they’ve been having all year.

Honestly, I could listen to this lady all day long!

So, I know performance development is not a process that most people look forward to. But that’s usually because of the way it’s handled.  Linda and her team have worked hard to develop a process that makes it a non-threatening, reward-oriented experience.

I love it!

And to help you out right now, Linda and I put a FREEBIE together to help you optimize YOUR performance development conversations.  Check it out.

Make sure you listen to the episode and download the FREE guide below.


P.S.  Make sure you download the FREE guide below.

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Episode Highlights


[2:18] A big part of you managing your career, is getting good at growing your people. That is a leadership competency that everyone must-have.


[11:49] There are three levels of development.


[19:47] Don’t be afraid to instigate those conversations with your manager because they’re going to find it easier. They might be a little apprehensive at first, but as that conversation continues, they’re going to feel thankful because it’s going to be easier for them.


[23:58] The way the manager handles this conversation is so so critical. 


[45:49] As an employee, it’s important to understand the position your manager is in.


[53:03] Do your best to reflect on your year, and be prepared to talk to whatever the key talking points are, the key points in your performance summary.

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