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Today I’m talking Leadership Competencies.  

When you’re first put in a leadership position, there’s a lot to learn.  It’s probably one of the biggest learning curves in your career. And it’s the one where you get the least amount of training.  

You can usually find your way eventually. But it’s often after making a boatload of wrong turns.  And potentially picking up some bad habits from other leaders who also have limited training.

There are a lot of aspects to being a great leader.  And unfortunately, you can’t tackle them all at once. 

That’s why  I want to recommend where to focus your energy.

In this week’s episode of The Career Reset Podcast, I’m sharing the THREE LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES YOU NEED AT ANY LEVEL.

So whether you’re new in position, or you’ve been a leader for a while and want to press reset on your leadership style, this episode is for you.

The three leadership competencies that I’ll be covering are;

  1. People Management
  2. Listening
  3. Success Mindset

Are you surprised I picked those three?

There are many important leadership competencies you’ll need to learn as you hone your leadership style, but the three I cover this week are truly foundational.  If you can nail these three, I guarantee you’re building a strong foundation for future growth.

So be sure to make them part of your development plan.  And listen to the podcast to get more insight into why they’re important and how you can leverage them effectively!

Speaking of development plans, this week’s episode is the third in a 5-part series dedicated to helping you manage your annual performance review and objective setting for next year.

In episode 11 I talked about how to effectively grow your people through feedback.  And there’s a great guide you can download on the 5 simple steps for giving effective feedback.

Then last week, we had an AWESOME episode with Linda Watt from the University of Guelph where we talked about how to lead performance development for you and your people.  And there’s another free guide on how to maximize the impact of your performance review!

I know performance development work can be intimidating, and it’s easy to either avoid it or not give it the attention it deserves.  So I put together these episodes to arm you with the tools you need to set you up for success.

If you have any questions on the three leadership competencies in this episode or any of the other episodes, be sure to leave your questions in the comments!

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Episode Highlights

[3:19] There’s a lot of aspects, skillsets, experience that you need to be a well-rounded leader. 
[4:55] Listening, I would say, is the starting place for a good communicator.
[7:42] We’re learning a lot of bad habits.
[9:40] If you don’t grow strong leaders, that’s also going to look bad on you. That’s also going to inhibit your ability to be successful.
[15:20] Ask open-ended questions. 
[18:09] Failure just means ‘I’m going to learn something from this’ even if it doesn’t go the way I want it to, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with me.
[19:49] It’s finding that balance between planning out how you want to get there and then being okay if that plan needs to change. Being confident that no matter what happens, you can figure it out.

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