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Leadership Development is the Key to Opportunity and I feel that my guest today embodied this concept throughout her entire career. And she didn’t do it in the “traditional way” either.

As you’re developing your performance plans for next year, spend time thinking about your leadership style because being a powerful leader is the key to a long and successful career.

This episode is the fourth in a 5-part series dedicated to helping you manage your annual performance review and objective setting for next year.

I love my guest Sharon Ramalho.  She’s the former CPO at McDonald’s Canada, and has led an inspirational career, while still achieving her goal of retiring at 50.

She’s amazing. And she epitomizes that great leaders can do anything.  

Sharon started her career at the front counter of a McDonald’s restaurant. She became a Restaurant Manager.  She was part of the team that opened the first McDonald’s restaurants in Russia. She’s led Operations teams, Menu Development Teams and worked her way to becoming a CPO with no HR certification.

She didn’t need it.  She is a great leader.  And it helps that she actually cares about people.

In this episode, Sharon and I talk about her journey and what it takes to be a great leader, what she’s learned along the way, and Sharon shares her advice on where she recommends all leaders can do to focus on their leadership development.

And Sharon’s not done. She’s launched a bit of a retirement side-hustle called Six Words Consulting. Sharon shares her expertise and experiences through speaking engagements and consulting services, to assist companies and its leaders in achieving their full potential. She believes in bringing a People-first mindset to business strategies, with six simple words being a reminder.

Want to know what those six words are? You’re going to have to press play and listen to this great podcast episode. *tease*

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Episode Highlights

[1:25] If you’re a really strong leader. If you’ve done your work to hone your skills, then you can do anything!
[9:55] It was for me!
[15:50] Living a wholesome life with the work and career as being part of it versus the career driving who you are and what you do.
[26:11] Mentorship, role modeling, and the third I would add-in is the ability to listen.
[28:18] When I didn’t believe in myself, all the bad bahaviours started coming out. 
[46:54] Here’s someone with talent. When you find people with talent, teaching them the new skills, that’s the easy part.

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