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Make this year the best year every and take the time to do a little year in review.

You can maximize our career growth and success by taking time to really reflect, review and embed the lessons you learn all the time.  You can do that every year, every month or even every day. It’s entirely up to you. 

But given it’s the beginning of a new year … and a new decade … it’s a great time for YOU to reflect, learn and celebrate your year. The main benefit of doing this is to achieve your goals faster and avoid getting STUCK. 

Information is power!

That’s true at work every day. You’re constantly assessing your project status and deciding what move to make next. 

Your career power comes from the same place… INFORMATION. Except this time, the topic is YOU. When you do ‘a review of you’, it allows you to create awareness and embed the lessons and learning of the previous year.

‘Cos let’s face it … as Ferris Bueller says “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you’ll miss it!” And when it comes to your career, that means taking a minute to absorb the full weight of the lessons you’re learning … or even fully celebrate and truly feel the great things that happened to you this year.

Any kind of transformation begins when you get aware of how you’re doing. You want to understand what’s working for you and what’s not working for you.  That’s how you start to break unwanted or unhelpful patterns in your career and in your life.

Unfortunately, so many people think they don’t need to do this work.  They think they just intuitively know what they learned. They don’t need to review it. They don’t need to write it down.

And if that’s you.  I get it. It was me too.  “I don’t need to write things down.  I get it. I’m smart enough. I learned the lessons as I went along”

But that’s an avoidance technique.  It’s your brain rationalizing away the need to do the mental work and reflect on what you’ve learned.  Your brain doesn’t want to do the work of transformation. It likes to keep things easy and safe.

So when you don’t take time to reflect, you’re essentially putting your head in the sand and not taking responsibility for your results. 

And you’ll just end up going in circles by thinking and taking the same actions over and over again. You’ll repeat the same patterns that don’t move your forward.  And eventually, you start to use that word that I hear so often… I am STUCK!

And the other thing that happens is you’re missing opportunities to amplify what IS working.  There is a lot that’s working for you. Why not dial those things up a bit to see where it could lead?

Honestly, you would never handle your work projects this way. You wouldn’t avoid the problems and the signs. You wouldn’t stay blind to what’s working and what isn’t.

So why do that with your career… or your life??? 

So to avoid missing opportunities, or finding yourself making the same mistakes over and over, set aside the time to reflect and learn. This doesn’t have to be a massive project.

You don’t have to do it all in one go. Try 5 mins a day for a week. 

There’s no rush. And there are no wrong answers here. 

And when you’re done, here’s what’s going to happen. You see the patterns that you want to change. And you will see the patterns that are working for you. You’ll decide what drives results and what you want to amplify.

Awareness is powerful information, my friends.  When you get super-conscious about what’s happening, then you have the power to change or amplify whatever you choose.

And from this place of awareness, you can make next year the best year ever.

Now in this week’s podcast episode, I’m going to share the 4 big lessons I learned from last year. It’s part of the work you’ll be doing for your year-end review.  And by sharing this about myself, my intent is that it gives you a jumping off place. You’ll see that it’s not as hard as you might think.

It just takes a little brain power.

Plus, I have a great tool for you.  It’s an awesome workbook that gives you prompts to help you work through your Year in Review.   Normally this is work I reserve for my membership group. But this tool is so useful, I really wanted to share it with you too. 

And it’s absolutely FREE.

This workbook has all my favourite questions that have really helped me reflect on my year.  It’s a great start, and once you’re on a roll, you can add whatever content you like.

In fact, I’d love hear about what lessons you learned this year. Please share in the comments below!

Good luck! And if you have any question, you can put them in the comments or email me directly.

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