#020: Taking Real Action + Creating New Habits that Stick | The Career Reset

What’s harder; creating new habits or breaking old ones?

Truth is, I couldn’t tell you.  It depends on you and the habit.  But they both take effort. A lot of the time, people try to create new habits (or break old ones) through sheer will.

Think about your development plan for 2020.  I bet it’s full of new goals you want to achieve that will require you to create new habits for yourself. And I bet you have a plan of action to make it happen.

And I meant that literally.  You have a plan of technical actions you want to take to achieve those goals.  

So let’s say your goal is to become a less controlling manager.  Most people think about HOW they will do that and come up with a list of things they will technically do.  For instance;

  • Ask more questions
  • Let people come up with their own solutions
  • Listen before you speak
  • Try things a different way
  • Collaborate on solutions

On and on.

These are all good actions to take.  But the likelihood that you will experience sustained success at becoming a controlling manager is low because you’re only focused on the HOW.  You’re not exploring the WHY and the WHAT.  

Why are you a controlling manager? What thoughts and feelings are causing your need for control?  And what would you like to think and feel instead to generate a more desired behaviour?

In this episode, I’ll share how to create new habits that stick by giving you a simple model that shows you how to easily change your behaviours for the long term.

I’ll share how I applied this model to my recent Ted Talk, and also to my weight loss goals for 2020. And we’ll talk about how you can apply this model to your career development plan… or any other goals or new habits that you want to achieve!

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