#44: Serious Goal Setting | The Career Reset
Serious Goal Setting

What is serious goal setting in the context of your career? How often do you do it?

Most people don’t.  They have what I would call a “regular goal”.  It’s more like a dream; “I want to be (this title)”, or “I want to make (this much money)”, or “I’d like to work abroad one day”. 

And that’s as far as they go.  And if the dream becomes a reality, it’s mostly luck.  Or it takes way longer than it needs to. You’re leaving your success on the table.

Serious goal setting is about taking your goals seriously.  

In this episode, I’m talking about what you can do to take your goal way more seriously and make it happen faster.  We cover the three steps to setting a serious goal.

what you will discover in this episode

  • Why most goals don’t happen.
  • The reason most people don’t take goal setting seriously.
  • The impact of career goals on your life
  • Three steps to serious goal setting
  • If you’re setting a goal because you want to feel something, it won’t work.


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