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Your Career And Your Job Are Two Different Things

A lot of people think going to work every day and doing good work IS managing your career. 

Not true.

Your career is what you do today, what you want to do in the future, what you want to learn, who you want to know, how you want to think, and the brand you want to create.

And all of that must be nurtured both inside and outside your current job.

Your job is just ONE of the tools you can use to achieve your overall career goal.  

But most people treat it like it’s the ONLY tool.  

And THAT limits their opportunity.

Mel Savage at Beach

You Created The Situation You’re In, But You Can Reset It

I’ve got some good news and bad news.  

The bad news is you’re feeling trapped, frustrated and/or confused because of the way you’re thinking about your job, the people you work with, your career and yourself … sorry… you gotta own this one.

But here’s the good news. If you created it, you can uncreate it.  Or recreate it.  Or reset it, as I like to say.

I will show you how to retrain your brain, so you don’t just believe you can achieve all your career goals, but you have the courage and determination to go out and freakin’ get them.

Because you are too smart to stay spinning in the slow or no-growth of your current situation.

And no … I’m not about to drop some manifestation or ‘Secret’ bombs on you. This isn’t that.

This is real-world cognitive psychology-based techniques.

Your Career Must Be One Of Your Top 3 Priorities

Your career feeds your sense of belonging and safety.  It pays to keep you fed and healthy and it pays for the health, safety and security of your family.  

And it also provides joy and purpose to you.

Plus you spend somewhere between a third to half of your adult life working.  

Your career is integral to your life on so many levels.

Doesn’t it just make sense that you invest in understanding what you need to think, to do the things you need to do, so you can achieve the career goals you deserve to achieve?

Ya, it does.

Let’s turn the career you have into the career you want.

See What People Say …

  • Mel helped me through a major transformation in my career, and I emerged more empowered, focused, and energized. She is highly skilled as a coach, helping me define both my values and priorities as well as helping me gain clarity on the unconscious beliefs and habits that were getting in my way. I highly recommend Mel to anyone wanting to get their career -- and their life -- on a more deliberate track to success and authenticity.

    Jennifer D. | MD, Pediatrician and Medical Entrepreneur

  • Working with Mel changed the direction of my life.  She opened me up to go after what I wanted. And it took no time.  After just a few weeks of working with Mel, I completely opened myself up to reaching my goals. 

    Itzik R. | Sports Coach & Entrepreneur

  • Mel’s work inspires me every day to keep it up and abandon my fear.  Being a full-time mother of three and trying to have a career is very challenging and her regular ‘inspiration’ is very appreciated.

    Alexandra T. | Advertising Director

  • I’ve been working with Mel for the past two months. During that time the work we’ve done together in her coaching sessions has revolutionised the way that I see my business. Not only have I started paying myself from my business (which I’ve not done for YEARS as I was of the mindset that I had to keep reinvesting it to make money), I’ve also hired another team member and started to get very intentional around how I make my money. I’m now more in control of my business and my income, I manage it far better around my other role as a University lecturer AND I now have space in my life for me…. I make more money and don’t have to work Fridays unless I want to! The tools and techniques that Mel teaches are changing my professional life, giving me more confidence and making sure that I’m in control of how I move forward. My internal mindset has changed dramatically for the better. I cannot recommend Mel enough she is honestly one of the most incredible women I know and I’m so lucky to have her on my team.

    Natasha C | Property Investment Professional

  • Working with Mel has changed my life personally and professionally.  Around 4:15pm yesterday I was offered a full-time position at the Washington DC Convention Centre and I accepted.  I’m so excited

    Mollie M | Marketing Professional

  • I truly enjoyed Mel’s session - It was a great fit for what we are experiencing. She presented real exercises that we can use to help us, our team and family members right now.  She had really important and relevant material that I think we could all relate to especially now but also before Covid.  She was very insightful and practical.

    She was open to sharing her own experiences and vulnerabilities which allowed us to relate to her and to what she was conveying about how our thoughts drive our actions which result in desired outcomes or undesired outcomes depending on whether we have or have not taken ownership for our thoughts.

    She was able to relay quite a lot of helpful information in a short period of time.  Very well prepared.

    She is a strong communicator.  She provided concise and impactful information.

    Linda Watt | Director of Learning and Development | University of Guelph

  • Partnering with you has not only been inspirational but a true gift! Thank you for your passion, enthusiasm, and sharing your knowledge with all levels of our staff and Faculty.

    Your presentation was well poised and appealed to all. If you are looking to shift people’s mindset in an engaging way, I highly recommend partnering with Mel Savage!.

    Laura Isabella | Talent Management - York University

Mel Savage Career Coach

I’m a combo Life Coach and Corporate Exec who gives way better advice than your friends or workmates.

Hi.  I’m Mel btw. I’m a Certified Professional Coach

I’ve gone from the mailroom to the Senior Management team @ McDonald’s to running my own successful business.

During my 25 year career, I’ve done a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong.

I’ve met incredible people. Worked in London, Toronto + Vancouver. Travelled a lot. Rode in the Corporate jet. Won the President’s Award. Worked with huge budgets. Made lots of money. Achieved lots of goals. Loved my job.

I’ve also had several bad bosses. Dealt with toxic, fear-driven work environments. Broken promises. Crazy hours. Inappropriate behaviours. Office politics. Imposter syndrome. Insecurity. Frustration. Hated my job. 

I’ve done that been there.

Bottom line, I’m a fun, dead-honest, non-judgmental combo of Life Coach and Corporate Exec who gives way better advice than your friends or workmates.

I’m 100% on your side and by your side as I teach you how to figure out what you want and then focus your mind on getting it!

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