#029: Buffering the Stress | The Career Reset

Today I want to introduce you to the concept of buffering.

You’ve probably done it a lot in your life.  And you’re probably doing it a lot right now.

If you’re not sure if you’re buffering, then let me ask you this.

Are you eating more, shopping more and Netflixing more than usual right now? The changes to our lives that are in response to the Coronavirus are coming fast and furious. 

And we are not in control of most of them.

But why do I all of a sudden feel a desperate urge for bread and Cadbury Easter Eggs.  And why do I feel a compulsion to stop working and instead re-watch Schitt’s Creek (which is the funniest show ever written)?

Do you know why you’re doing that?

Many of you are going to say it’s because of Coronavirus, but you’re mistaken.  It’s not because of Coronavirus at all.  

The good news is, the reason you’re eating, shopping and Netflixing more than normal right now is actually because of something that’s 100% in your control.

In this episode, I want to introduce you to the concept of buffering.  Buffering is when you try to avoid one emotion by temporarily replacing it with another.  

And it can happen when you feel scared or uncertain because of your thoughts about something like Coronavirus.

It can happen when you feel stressed about what you think about a situation with your boss 

It can happen when you feel overwhelmed by what you think about a project you’re working on.

And it can even happen when you’re frustrated because you think you can never get Zoom to work properly.

So if this is you and you tend to buffer away your painful emotions you want to avoid the ‘Quarantine 15’, or the credit card bill that’s full of Amazon purchases, then you need this episode.

We will cover how to recognize the signs of buffering

How to let yourself feel the negative emotions without the need to buffer them

And what you can do instead of buffering to help you effectively manage your painful emotions.

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