#025: Career Lessons Learned: Geist Ussery | The Career Reset

Introducing Career Lessons Learned. 

In honour of our 25th episode, I’m introducing a new themed episode into the podcast mix.  From time to time, we will be inviting guests on the show to talk about their own career lessons learned.

We’re going to start sharing interviews with people who have found themselves stuck in tough career situations, and share how they turned themselves around.  We want to hear not only about how they found themselves in this situation but also the career lessons they learned throughout their journey to resetting their careers.

These are not necessarily my Clients.  These stories are about everyone.

I want you to hear the real stories of how people get stuck and how they get themselves unstuck. 

I think you’ll find that there are some common themes across all the stories. What’s really interesting is how people finally find the power within themselves to really take back control of their situation and do something about it even though they don’t know if it will all work out in the end.

That takes real courage!

In this episode, we talk to Geist Ussery who is a chef and event director in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  Geist’s journey is about how he made a career decision out of desperation that made his situation even worse. 

Geist’s story is like so many others.  He took an easy way out without thinking things through, and it took concerns with his health, his friends and taking accountability for his life before he was able to turn his situation around.

Join me in hearing Geist’s powerful story of his career lessons learned … and the little man with the ‘neckerchief’ that turned everything around for him.

The main career lessons that Geist shares are;

  1. Don’t make career decisions from a place of stress and desperation
  2. Take accountability for where you are in your career
  3. Go back to what makes you YOU and start from there
  4. Make sure you have a strong network of people around you
  5. Take a small step no matter how scary it is – and then figure out what you do next
  6. Choose happy

If you want to learn more about Geist (or even hire him), check out his website @ geistandco.com

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Head over to thecareerreset.com/aspireformore if you’re ready to take the career you have and turn it into the career you want.

There’s no better time than right now because your life deserves a career you love.  

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