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The 3 Secrets to Game-Changing Your Career That Make You Unstoppable


Let’s take few minutes to

make it all about you.

You make things happen for other people all day long. What would happen if you focused a little of that considerable ability on yourself?

There is no limit to what you can achieve. Book a FREE 45 minute consult with me so we can talk about how you can take your performance to the next level.  We’ll talk about what’s happening now, what success looks like for you, and the strategies you’ve tried so far. Then I’m going to give you my perspective on why what you’re doing isn’t working and make recommendations on your best next steps.

This is 45 minutes well-invested because you’re investing it in you. You will absolutely leave this call with new insights to help you gain traction in your performance.

My goal is to help you make some clear decisions and commit to your next steps.






Certified coach and 20-year veteran of corporate life. I worked my way from the mailroom to the senior management table at McDonald’s. I’ve loved my job, hated my job, had one-of-a-kind success and miserable failures… and here’s what I’ve learned…

…true success and freedom comes from the confidence to know I can deal with anything that tries to get in my way … even if that thing is me.

Coaching with me works.

Jennifer D. | MD, Paediatrician

Mel helped me through a major transformation in my career, and I emerged more empowered, focused, and energized. She is highly skilled as a coach, helping me define both my values and priorities as well as helping me gain clarity on the unconscious beliefs and habits that were getting in my way. I highly recommend Mel to anyone wanting to get their career — and their life — on a more deliberate track to success and authenticity.

Hope B. | Chief Marketing Officer

I engaged Mel to work with a promising Team Member, to help her refine her leadership brand.

It allowed her to be far more focused on her development and unlocked a confidence and new approach that was immediately recognized by her colleagues. The positive changes and confidence have led her to excel such that she’s been promoted to a very important and senior-level role.

The time invested together with Mel was highly engaging and productive – I most certainly would recommend her to others and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Natasha C. | Business Owner

I’ve been working with Mel for the past two months. During that time the work we’ve done together in her coaching sessions has revolutionised the way that I see my business. Not only have I started paying myself from my business (which I’ve not done for YEARS as I was of the mindset that I had to keep reinvesting it to make money), I’ve also hired another team member and started to get very intentional around how I make my money. I’m now more in control of my business and my income, I manage it far better around my other role as a University lecturer AND I now have space in my life for me…. I make more money and don’t have to work Fridays unless I want to! The tools and techniques that Mel teaches are changing my professional life, giving me more confidence and making sure that I’m in control of how I move forward. My internal mindset has changed dramatically for the better. I cannot recommend Mel enough she is honestly one of the most incredible women I know and I’m so lucky to have her on my team.

Ardi V. | General Manager

Mel developed a custom workshop focused on building trust in a remote-work environment. Working with Mel is like working with a powerhouse institution but with a super-nimble approach. It’s like using 20+ years of experience, expertise and wisdom for a 1×1 consultation and mentoring. Her material and delivery felt bespoke for a team of 20, but suitable for an enterprise of thousands.

The team left the session empowered with practical advice and tools that will help us get stronger together. We are already planning our next session with Mel.

Alex T. | Marketing Director

Mel’s work inspires me every day to keep it up and abandon my fear.  Being a full-time mother of three and trying to have a career is very challenging and her regular ‘inspiration’ is very appreciated.

Jackie B.

Mel – you are a pro. Turns out I didn’t hate my job and my boss. Who knew?! This program [ACP] is inspiring me to not only use this for my career, but everything I’m learning is stuff I can use in all parts of my life.

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