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This podcast is all about turning the career you have into the career you want. And that means performing at your best, setting and reaching all your goals and of course, enjoying yourself every step of the way.

#015: EASILY GIVING FEEDBACK THAT DRIVES RESULTS: Three Thoughts Will Change Everything For You

I’m going to say right up front that I suuuucked at giving feedback for a very long time. I made all the mistakes, which is why I intimately understand the challenges.
There are two parts to giving feedback that drives results. There’s the ‘how to do it’. But more importantly there’s the WHY you’re doing it.
We get a lot of training on the how and not-so-much on the why… and why is that?
It’s probably because we think the WHY is always the same, right? We think it’s because we want people to perform better, and we want better results … but is it? Really?
I’m going to offer that there’s a lot more to it than that, and the more you understand your personal ‘why’, the easier and more natural it’s going to be to execute on your ideal ‘how’.
So in this episode, I’m going to start by reviewing the whys behind feedback that can get messy. And then I’m going to share three thoughts that make your whys more effective and your hows way easier to deliver.
I want you to be the leader who is so confident in the impact of their feedback, and values it so much, you prioritize it in your week.
What would change in your results if that were the case?

#014: How To Use Self-Care As Your #1 Success Strategy

I’ll tell you something that you already know; “You have to take care of yourself if you want to succeed”.
But what does that really mean? A statement like that tends to go in one ear and out the other.
Well, I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean… it doesn’t mean a spa day, Netflix or a vacation. It doesn’t even mean time off or buying yourself something nice.
What I want to share is a more active form of self-care that helps you make better decisions, save time, achieve more, have less stress and stay focused on a consistent basis...day in and day out - no vacation required.

#013: 3 Game-Changing Skills You Need On Your 2022 Development Plan At Any Level

It’s career planning time… and this year, I want to offer you three skills that everyone needs to have on their development plan.
These are three skills that every one of my clients struggle with in some way whether they’re in the C-Suite or at a mid-management level.
Simply focusing on these three skills will likely make everything else on your development plan significantly easier.These are three skills any successful leader needs.
In this episode, I’m going to share these three game-changers, what they mean, how they show up in your day-to-day, and what you can do to address them so that you can achieve your goals faster and be the leader you want to be more often.

#012: How to Stop Worrying What People Think About You

’m talking about the thing that we do that creates the most stress in our lives… worrying.
When you think rationally about the value of worrying about what other people think, you know it doesn’t solve anything and it’s a massive waste of time. Not only that, but it’s probably totally unnecessary.
Yet, we get caught up in worry because knowing something and living something are two different things, right?
Well in this podcast episode, I want to help you live that ‘worry-free’ life. I’m going to give you three really good reasons to stop worrying that you probably haven’t heard before, PLUS, I’m going to give you the top questions I ask myself when I want to stop worrying.

#010: How to Marie Kondo Your Brain and Stay Focused on Your Goals

It’s not impossible to function in a disorganized environment, but you function way more efficiently when you’ve done away with all the clutter.
That’s why Marie Kondo and the entire ‘organizational industry’ are so huge. It’s proven that a decluttered life equals a decluttered mind.
But there’s one VERY IMPORTANT area that most people don’t spend enough time decluttering.
Your brain.
I’m going to give you a step-by-step daily process you can do to get all the messy, success-blocking thoughts out of your head so you can be less overwhelmed and focus on functioning at your best.


#009: The Secret to Getting Along With People at Work … Even Your Boss.

Do you ever feel your day would be so much easier if people at work would just be nice and do what they’re supposed to do?
I used to think that.
But what if I told you the truth is… you ARE 100% in control of the quality of every relationship you have and how it impacts your success REGARDLESS of how the other person behaves.
You’d probably call bullshit right? Everyone knows that relationships are a two way street.
I used to think that too.
I share the secret to getting along with people at work. Plus, I’ll give you three things you can do to empower yourself in every work relationship, have less stress and be 100% in control of your success.


#008: What You Need To Know About Loving Your Job

Are you thinking that maybe you’re not in the right place in your career? Maybe it’s the wrong company or the wrong team? Maybe it’s the wrong field altogether. Generally, we ask ourselves these questions because we’re not having fun at work. If you were loving your job, you wouldn't be as confused if you should be somewhere else.
In this episode, I’m going to share why it’s important to love your job, what it takes to love your job and how to start loving it again right now.


#007: The #1 Mistake You Make When You Fail At Work

In this week’s episode of the Have The Career You Want podcast, I’m going to share the biggest mistake you make when you fail at work that’s slowing down your success. And, I’m going to give you three strategies you can do instead that will boost your confidence to fail so you can accelerate your growth and be the leader everyone wants on their team


#006: The Skill of Not Quitting on Your Goal

For years, I quit on almost every goal I’ve ever set for myself … at least once. Quitting usually happens when it gets hard or I fall on my face a few times. That’s when I generally find an excellent excuse to ‘pause’ on my goal.
But what if I told you that NOT quitting on your goal is also a skill? And like any skill, it’s something you get better at with practice? What could you achieve if you got really good at the skill of NOT quitting on your goal?
In this week’s podcast episode, I’m sharing rock-solid insights for you to stop quitting on your goal and start achieving anything you want.

Not quitting on your goal

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