#027: Leading Change with Your Team | The Career Reset

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How are you doing with leading your team through change?

Life and work have changed for so many people in the last two weeks.

This is the first pandemic of it’s kind in my lifetime.  I remember bird flu, SARS and mad cow disease, but the changes to our lives was nowhere near the scale that we’re facing today.

In many ways, we’re more ready for it now than ever given how much technology allows us to be connected from anywhere.

And in many ways, we are nowhere near ready enough.

But change is change.  Regardless of what’s causing it.

And we humans aren’t great at dealing with it.  

We like to catastrophize and hypothesize ourselves into an anxiety-filled frenzy.

It’s our caveman brains kicking in, trying to protect us.

But letting your caveman brain make the decisions for you right now, may not be the best decision.  

Your job as a leader, and as a human, is to be leading change with your team and yourself and keeping the stressful, panicked thoughts to a minimum.  It serves no good purpose.

We got enough going on, right?

Making decisions while we’re all jacked up on cortisol and adrenaline isn’t serving any purpose.

So this episode is all effectively leading your team through the ongoing waves of COVID-19 change with the minimum of stress.

Here’s what we discuss;

  1. Start with cleaning up your own mindset
  2. Bring your team together (virtually) to get the facts and dispel any myths
  3. Help your team start thinking more productively, and intentionally decide what kind of thinking is going to get them the best results.
  4. Encourage people to share their thoughts in a virtual team discussion.  Help them see how they can choose more productive thoughts.
  5. Ask them how you can help
  6. Compassionately reach out to any outliers

Plus, throughout this week (and over the next few if necessary), I’ll be posting some bonus episodes to help you keep cleaning out your brain and keeping your thoughts as productive as possible.

The people in your life need you right now.

It’s time to dig deep and show up at your best.

Bonus Episodes!

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