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Do you believe about your career?  What do you believe about your potential?  What do you believe about what you can and can’t achieve?

When I work with people who are struggling with figuring out what they want to do, the very first thing I recommend that they focus on is their mindset. 

And a lot of people don’t want to start there. They want to get to filling in forms, answering questionnaires, doing assessments and writing resumes.  And still, after all the assessments and questionnaires, people are still stuck deciphering what it all means.

I get the desire to take tangible action.  But before you do all the strategy and busy work associated with career management, I recommend taking a pause.  And then start instead with your mindset.

If you don’t address your mindset, all the strategy and busy work isn’t going to get you where you want to go.   

 The mind is the key to success.

In fact success is 80% mindset, and only 20% strategy and busy work.  

80% mindset.  That’s huge.

And I’m sure you intuitively know that to be true.  Elite athletes talk about this all the time…. How a huge part of their success is getting their mind focused.  And you know it too. You see it in your life all the time.

When you’re mind is focused.  When you’re thinking clearly and feel mentally strong, that’s when you get the best results.

So if you did nothing else but consistently focus on improving and honing your mindset in your current career situation, you would be even MORE SUCCESSFUL than you are right now.  You would be HAPPIER than you are right now.

Now there are many areas of mindset you can focus on.  But since we only have 8 days, I’m going to focus on a big one.  And that’s all about BELIEFS.

LEWIS HOWES said  … Your beliefs could be killing your dreams.  And I agree with him 100%.

If you want to change anything in your life, you need to start with what you believe.  Otherwise, you’re just wasting your hustle.


So what am I talking about? You have stories that you tell yourself about how competent you are, how capable you are, what kind of parent you are, etc. You have a set of beliefs that frame your life. And by default, your career. 

And because you believe those ‘stories’, they create a reality for you.  You become as competent as you think you are.  You’re as capable or as good a parent as you believe you are.  These stories become beliefs  that create your reality.

If you think you’re someone who’s always late.  Then chances are, you’re going to be late most of the time

If you don’t think you’re a strategic thinker, or someone who can sell something to senior management, then that’s who you are.

If you don’t think you’re someone who can have a want-to-career, and that a transformation like that is not possible for you… then it won’t be… and you won’t have it.

And you might say, look… I’ve got proof OK? The reason I know this is true is because of what’s happened in the past.  I actually AM very disorganized. I don’t have that gene that organized people have.

And I’ve never been able to sell anything.  People always see through me. I hate selling.  It feels dishonest.

Or.. I’ve never been lucky enough to have a job I really love.  Most people only get one of those in their lifetime…

And so #1, those are all beliefs.  People see through me.  I hate selling. I don’t have that gene that organized people have… those are all beliefs.  There is no gene that organized people have.

What you’re doing is looking at your past behaviours as evidence that what you believe about yourself is the TRUTH. OR you’re just choosing to focus on things that reinforce what you already believe or think about yourself?

Which leads me to point #2, you’re letting your past dictate your future.  I’ve never been able to do X… so I WILL NEVER be able to do X… and worse, I’ll never get Y.


But here’s the thing about beliefs. Beliefs create your reality… but they’re not THE TRUTH. They’re true to you, but they’re not THE truth.

Your beliefs are just your opinion. Some people are super-passionate about their opinion, and they want to convince everyone that THEY ARE RIGHT.

But your right and wrong is determined by you.  And what you believe.

So your Day 1 Exercise is about what you believe right now that’s impacting your ability to be successful, or happy or fulfilled in your career.  And then deciding what you choose to believe instead.

Now for our purposes, we’re going to keep it really simple and put this work in two columns.  Column one are beliefs you have about your career that are holding you back. Just make a long list… anything you think you can’t do, or aren’t allowed to do, or will never do or achieve.  For whatever reason.

And then the second column will be things you choose to believe instead.  These are the beliefs that move you forward.

Only you can decide which of your beliefs fits into which category, and what the impact is on your career.

Now just because you wrote them down doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically believe them.  That takes practice. So pick one or two things that are REALLY holding you back, and practice believing something different.  Small steps.

If you have any questions, just reply to the email that got you here, or leave your questions in the comments.  We will make sure you get the help you need to keep you moving forward through this course.

That’s it for Day 1 and I will see you tomorrow.


Use the worksheet to get clear on your current beliefs that are impacting your career.  And then decide what you choose to believe moving forward.

>>>Download the worksheet HERE!<<<

Extra Credit for High-Achievers

1) Share your insights from this exercise in the comments.  What new beliefs are you choosing to believe?

2) Pick one or two beliefs and practice believing them everyday.  Start small and work your way up. If you’re really serious about it, start journaling about it everyday.

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