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Yesterday you explored what you love doing, a.k.a, your strengths.  And I hope you’re keeping that list in your back pocket or in a journal over the next week because ideas are going to pop into your head, and you want to capture them when they do.

Today, we’re going to keep digging into YOU because there is still a lot of gold there.  And the question you’re going to start getting underneath is what’s important to you. And we’re going to do that by exploring what you value.

Now a lot of people create life purpose statements.  Or legacy statements that give them a filter on how they want to live their life. It keeps them focused on what they want to achieve.

And we’re going to do something similar here, by exploring your values. 

Your values define what you believe about yourself, how you live your life and the career you choose. 

The challenge for most people is that they’re not really conscious about what their values are, and how those values are directing their life decisions, and their career decisions.

A lot of people are hanging onto values that they don’t even know they’re hanging onto.  And so they’re not aware of how some values might be holding them back from really exploring their potential.

And quite often when we’re unhappy in our lives or careers,  it’s because we’re living in a way that’s not aligned with our values, but we don’t realize it.

Now I believe that really digging into your values, and using them as guideposts for your life and career is fundamental.  And I take my Clients through a very in-depth values assessment, because it is the foundation for everything we do.

Now given this is a QUICK START program, I’m going to give you a quick primer on identifying your values.

So here’s what you’re going to do.  The attached worksheet has a long list of values.  Well over 100 values. Your goal is to review the list and whittle yourself down to your top 5 values.  

Some people will ask, am I choosing life values or career values.  And my answer is this… your career is part of your life. Each person has one set of values that show up in how they interact with their friends, their family, their job and for themselves.

Ok – so when you pick your values, you’re picking values for your LIFE

And then once you have your top five LIFE values, I want you to write down, what that value means to you in context of your career.

So as an example, I might choose a value of FREEDOM.  Now freedom is a big word. Every word on the worksheet is a big word. Freedom is going to mean something different to me than it does to you.  So you need to define it for you in the context of career.

So for example.  Freedom for me means getting to work from anywhere in the world and being 100% in control of my schedule.  Freedom for you might mean having the autonomy to lead a team and make my own decisions. For someone else, it might mean, the freedom to be able to afford to do whatever I want.

OK?  That’s it.  Your task today is to start digging into what’s important to you, starting with your values, and the role your values play in your career.

And I’ll see you on Day 4.  Bye for now.


1) Review the list of values

2) Whittle down your list to your top 5 values

3) Decide what those values mean to you in the context of your career.

>>>Download the worksheet HERE!<<<

Extra Credit for High-Achievers

1) Share your insights from this exercise in the comments.  What did you learn about the impact of your values on your career?

2) Check out this podcast episode to take this learning even further.


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