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You’ve been doing great work.

You’re clear on your strengths.  And you’ve explored what you’re looking for across all eight career cornerstone categories.

But there’s a lot there.  It’s going to tick EVERY box on your list.

So it’s time to make some choices and find the right balance of priorities for you.  Right now. In your career. And in your life.

So your task today is to pick your Top 10 Deal Breakers for what’s most important to you. 

And I know what you’re thinking.  OK… sounds good… what’s a dealbreaker?  

Good question.

A deal breaker is not a cornerstone category. 

A deal breaker is one of the requirements or preferences that you’ve listed WITHIN a cornerstone category.

So, a deal breaker is not a cornerstone category like PEOPLE or LOCATION.   

A deal breaker is ‘a boss that is confident and works with me as a partner’. 

A dealbreaker is a role/job that allows me to improve lives.  

A deal breaker is a location on the transit line or an ability to work from home.  

A deal breaker is a specific kind of healthcare benefits.  

So your goal is to go through all the things you wrote down and choose your TOP 10 Deal breakers.  AND put them in priority order.  That second part is important.

This is a trickier exercise than it sounds.  So I have a couple of suggestions for you. One to make it easier.  And one to keep you honest.

So first, let’s talk about a way to make this easier.  So depending on how many things you wrote down in yesterday’s exercise, it might be hard to weed through all that content.  So to make it easier you can use a scaling system.

For example, beside each specific preference or requirement that you captured yesterday, put a rating on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being can’t live without it, and 1 being doesn’t matter.  

That’s going to help narrow your list to your top 10.  And it’s going to help you make some hard choices.  

Now, don’t forget, it’s not just about making a top 10 list.  It’s also about putting them in priority order.  But if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be tweaking the rating as you’re forcing yourself to make some hard choices.

Now here’s the suggestion to keep you honest.  As you’re putting your Deal-breakers in priority order, keep asking yourself am I willing to have a job/career without this Deal-breaker?

And there might be 5-6 things that all have the same level of priority for you.  That’s fine.

There are no RULES on this. You can’t get this wrong. The goal is simply to get you thinking about this and getting clarity on what’s really important to you.

And btw… 10 is a bullseye.  If you want to pick 8, or you want to pick 12, that’s entirely up to you.

This is YOUR exercise.  And your career. You gotta do you.  Always.


1) Use the worksheet to prioritize your Deal-Breakers

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