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Based on my experience, I know many of you already have some ideas on what you want to do next.  Once you start doing these kind of reflective exercises, the brain starts getting fired up and does a lot of noodling in the background. 

So I know many of you have some great ideas already.

Now, generally speaking, I find people fall into one of 4 strategic buckets.  Your task today is to DECIDE which bucket you fall into so you can figure out your next move.  Let’s review those buckets now.

BUCKET NUMBER ONE.  This bucket is for you if you’ve realized that I actually love what I do, but I don’t love where I do it and/or who I’m doing it with.   So you’re next move is to look for opportunities to change jobs and join organizations that more closely align with your values.  And since you have a lot more insight into yourself and the kind of people who inspire and motivate you, you’re now able to make a better career path decision.

BUCKET NUMBER TWO.  This bucket is for you if you’ve realized that the job was never the problem.  It was how you are letting your thoughts and feelings get in their way of how you’re showing up.  You realize that you may have created a lot of your own problems, and you’re ready to do something about it.

In this case you have a couple of options.  You can stay where you are and start working on your perspective and personal development so you can more consistently show up at your best.

Or you can decide that you might be better off with a fresh start somewhere else, and you’re more equipped to find the right place for you.

BUCKET NUMBER THREE. This bucket is for you if you realize that there are pieces of what they do that they love, and they start to explore finding a job in their field that focuses more on a specific niche.  So it’s about doubling down in a certain area of your industry or field.

And then there’s the folks in BUCKET NUMBER FOUR who are like NOPE.  I realize now that I DEFINITELY don’t want to do this anymore.  I want different things in my life and I’m absolutely ready for a full scale change.

Now if you’re in this bucket, you may already have some ideas of what you want to do.  Or you’ve started to develop ideas of what you want to do. If not – stay tuned for some ideas in tomorrow’s final lesson.

In the meantime.  It’s decision time.  Which bucket, or bucket combo is for you?

Now if you’re still feeling nervous about making a decision, consider this.

Even though you’re making this decision today, you’re not quitting your job tomorrow.  You’re going to start making more small decisions and taking small steps to start to change your situation.  And along the way, you’ll be in control of each decision and each step. So you still have thousands of decisions to make before you get to your goal.

Don’t sweat this first one.  Every step you make from here is going to help you get clear and clearer on what you need to do next.

So that’s your assignment for today.  Pick your bucket. Make a decision, share it in the comments, and then get ready to make a move.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


1) Pick Your Strategic Bucket


Extra Credit for High-Achievers

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