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Well this is it.  You made it. Last day.  Let’s cover all the amazing work you’ve done so far.

  1. You’ve reviewed what you believe about your career and decided what you want to believe going forward.
  2. You are clear on what you love doing
  3. You know what you value and what it means for your career
  4. You know what boxes your career needs to tick
  5. And you’ve decided on what direction you want to go next.

What’s left?  Doing something about it.

So often, we’re good at making plans, but not so great on the follow through.  Hand up if that’s ever happened to you. I’ve both my hands up!!

So your task today is to commit to one thing you’re going to do today to move closer to your goal.  Here are your parameters.  

Whatever you commit to doing, you must do it.  And you must do it today. INTEGRITY IS THE ONLY RULE.  So make sure whatever you choose you are 100% committed to doing it.

So just pull your resume out see what changes you need to make.  Start researching for a coach to help you keep your mindset focused.  Make a list of people you like to meet for informational interviews or feedback sessions.  Or start researching potential new career paths.

The key is to do one thing everyday.  It doesn’t matter how small your moves are, as long as you’re taking consistent action.

To help you along, I’ve got some options for you to consider at the end of today’s assignment (extra credit section).  Speaking of which, let’s summarize your task today.

Commit to one thing you’re going to day to move closer to your goal.  And if you’re looking for extra credit, decide what you’re going to do every day this week.  And then each Monday morning, choose one thing you can do every day that week.

Take it one week at a time.  Don’t plan further ahead than that.  Build your momentum and you’ll be on your way.

Congratulations for taking control of your career and taking action.  You can go after any career success you want. You just have to believe you can have it, and do the work to get it.

You got this.

I hope to see you soon.


1) Decide on one move you’ll make today!

Extra Credit for High-Achievers

1) Download this worksheet for ideas on how to discover your NEW career path 

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3) Try out these podcast episodes to help you build your career plan



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