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How to Achieve Anything You Want In Your Career

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Introducing ASPIRE 

ASPIRE is your ongoing career management & coaching tool that teaches you how to THINK DIFFERENTLY about your career so you can achieve anything you want.

  • Learn to manage your mindset in real work situations.
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Top Masterclass FAQs

Is it a fact that I’m not good at something if everyone has told me I’m not good at it.

The short answer is no. The only fact is that people said certain things to you.  WHAT they said is their opinion.  That being said, if you are getting consistent feedback on a certain skill set, it may be in your interest to get curious as to why people have their opinion.  At the end of the day, only you can choose whether you want to think differently to create different results for yourself.

Can you give me an example of indulging in an emotion?

Absolutely. You can indulge in emotions with actions and inactions. Here are some of the main ways to indulge in an emotion.

You can play the victim by feeling sorry for yourself, shutting down, complaining, etc. Essentially, you act out as if you are at the effect of other people or events.

You can become a villain by blaming others, lashing out, deflecting, pointing fingers, etc. You don’t want to feel the emotion, so you try and pass it off.

You can avoid an emotion by buffering with a temporary pleasure like over-eating, over-drinking, television, shopping, work, etc.

You can avoid setting goals so you can pre-empt the pain of potential failure

What is Buffering?

Buffering is a term I use for when you avoid the pain of an emotion by seeking out a temporary pleasure, e.g. Food, Drink, Television, Work, Shopping, Porn, etc.

You know you’re buffering when the net effect is negative. As an example, you feel a painful emotion. Then you eat over it, which feels good for a bit.  Then you feel guilty, beat yourself up, feel physically bloated and/or gain weight, all of which create new negative emotions.

And the cycle continues.

Are negative emotions bad?

No. It’s normal to have negative emotions. You will always have them.  You can’t be happy 100% of the time, or else you’d have to be happy when “bad things” happen.

The trick is to feel your emotions without indulging in them.  You can feel negative emotions and still go on with your life.

Negative emotions don’t have to be debilitating.

How do I change my thoughts about something?

First let me say that you don’t HAVE TO give up your existing thought if your brain feels attached to it.

BUT, you can introduce a new thought into the mix.  You don’t just have to believe one thing. You can believe that something is hard, and also, sometimes it’s not that hard. Or parts of it are not hard.

The key thing is when you choose a new thought, it needs to be believable to you or your brain will fight you.  You don’t have to go from disliking someone to being their best bud overnight. But you can go from disliking someone to finding something that is tolerable about them… and then keep moving forward from there.

What if I’m carrying the impact of a past/childhood trauma. How does that fit into the model?

Lots of people say that they aren’t good at something or can’t do something because of a past trauma.

But that’s not exactly true. 

Emotions don’t last that long.  The reason you still feel the pain of the trauma is because of the way you are still thinking about the experience. 

Every time you think about it, you are creating new emotions. You are not carrying the old ones with you.

The way to move past the emotion of the trauma is to change the way you think about the experience.

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