Take Back Control and Create the Career you Deserve

You can absolutely reach your career goals.  All you have to do is WANT IT.

You’re Here For A Reason

My guess is that since you’re here, you’re ready to leave your Have-To-Job, and go after a career you want!

Your have-to-job is fine for now.  It pays the bills. But you want more for yourself, your family and your life.

Whether you want to amp up your current career focus, go after your dream job, change careers completely, or simple get out of a toxic situation, there’s one thing for sure…

Having a want-to-career that perfectly aligns with who you are and what you want, will significantly improve the quality of your life (and the lives of the people who count on you).

I know this first hand.  Which is why I’m dedicated to helping you find the right solution for you.  My program will give you the courage, confidence and knowledge you need to be successful in any career you want … and save you the wasted time on trial and error.

Work Doesn’t Have To Be A 4-Letter Word

Work isn’t supposed to be miserable. How would your life change if your career gave you purpose and meaning, and simply made you excited and energized to get out of bed every morning?


The average adult spends 35% of their life at work. That’s a third of your life you’ve been tolerating. But when you enjoy your job, a weird and amazing thing happens. You enjoy your life more too.  You’re healthier and less stressed.  You’re more open to opportunity. And you have more energy to make the most of the time with family and friends.  Isn’t that worth taking 1/3 of your life back?


When you enjoy what you’re doing, it makes you feel strong.  You’re energized. You show up as your best self more often. You do your best work.  You get more done. And that leads to you reaching your goals and achieving your potential faster.


As a parent, you love your kids more than you love yourself.  You’re always trying to set them up for success and teach them the skills they need to have their best lives. By going after your career, you show them what it looks like to have the confidence to go after their potential, and never settle for less than a career they’re passionate about.


You’ll never be trapped in a bad job situation ever again. You’ll always have options. When you activate the Ultimate Career Reset Management System, you’ll always be actively in control of your career so you never have to feel trapped or forced into decisions or actions that you don’t like.  You’ll always have the strategies and support in place to make the best decisions for you and your career.

Take back control of your career.

If you’re an experienced career professional, feeling trapped and unmotivated in a job that doesn’t make you happy and leaves you exhausted at the end of the day, then you already know that this situation can’t go on forever.  

You already know that you need to do something about it.  But what? You know that making the wrong move has implications because you have people who count on you.

So it’s perfectly normal that you’re hesitant to make any kind of  move until you’re absolutely sure it’s the right one.

It’s time to take back control of your career.

But how do you do that?

Take Back Control of My Career? Sounds Awesome. But Where Do I Even Start?

You’ve already started.  You’re here! You don’t need to ask yourself that question any more. 

Creating a career you love and enjoy is truly a step by step process.  So the REAL question you must start asking yourself is WHAT’S MY NEXT STEP?

That’s all you need to focus on in the beginning.  One-step-at-a-time.

And even though that sounds straight-forward, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the potential options and paths forward.  That’s normal.  But guess what?

You don’t need to do this alone.

Every successful person had help.  It takes a village to build a successful career you love.  Nobody does it alone!

Asking for help is the smartest thing you can do.  You have enough on your plate.  Why not have someone narrow your choices and make it easier to take action?

It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure what you want to do, or what your next move should be.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, or if you’re not sure you’re qualified to do anything else.

It’s totally doable.

With a strategically planned support system and a completely customized career plan in place, you WILL be able to … 


Reset what you believe about your career potential


Get really clear on what’s truly important to you


Feel confident that you know what you want to do next


Plan and prioritize your next steps without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out


Stay motivated and focused to make it happen and bring your plan to life.

Sound too good to be true?  It’s really, REALLY not.  You simply have two decisions to make.

DECISION #1: You must decide that you TRULY WANT a career you love.

DECISION #2: You must decide that you’re ready to ASK FOR HELP to make your want-to-career to a reality.

The people who win are the ones who DECIDE to get clear about what they want and never stop pushing to get it, even when things get hard.

And the reward is a career that gives you meaning and purpose, pays your bills and makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

The key to all of this is putting a career management system in place that you can easily maintain for the long-term.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d love to show you how to create!

This is the Ultimate Career Reset

The Ultimate Career Reset is your ONE-STOP-SHOP Career Management Partner dedicated to helping you create your dream career.

It’s the most comprehensive online program of it’s kind that mashes-up Career Planning and Life Coaching that helps you get clarity on WHAT YOU WANT, and HOW TO GO OUT AND GET IT, while helping you GET PAST THE ROADBLOCKS and MIND TRAPS that keep you stuck.

Bottom line.  The Ultimate Career Reset empowers you to take back control of your career so you never have to feel trapped in a have-to-job EVER AGAIN.

Your Life Deserves A Career You Love!

I’ve Been In The Trenches Too.

I worked hard for 25+ years at a Corporate career that I started out super-connected to, but ultimately felt frustrated and trapped. I was good at my job.  And, I was the main income in my family, so I stayed.  I’ve felt the pain, fear and frustration that comes with feeling stuck in that situation for too long!

Way too long in fact.  I stayed for 5 years too long.  I thought I could tough it out.  I thought this was what it meant to be a mature adult with responsibilities. 

Didn’t the Rolling Stones say you can’t always get what you want? 

I thought ‘this is the Real World, honey’.  Work doesn’t have to be fulfilling and enjoyable all the time, right? 

WRONG!  I was so wrong.

I stayed too long.  And it took a toll on my life, my health, my self-esteem and my relationships.  I was at an all-time low. I waiting until I was at rock-bottom before I decided to do something.

And my friends … my hole was pretty deep.  But I crawled and dug and fought myself out!

I wished I had a resource to take me by the hand and show me the way.  I wished I had a step-by-step process that I could customize for myself.  I wished I had a community that helped me believe in myself again.

And that’s why I created THE ULTIMATE CAREER RESET.

My road was rockier than it needed to be.  I wasted time.  I stepped in a lot of pot holes.  But I found my way.  I now have a career that gives me a sense of meaning and purpose and pushes me to my maximum potential.  

Do I still stumble? Yes.  Do I still have bad days?  Yes. 

But I love what I’m doing. I know how to easily get myself refocused.  And when I need help, I have a support network to nudge me back on track.

I’m walking the talk. I’m in control.

I’ve taken everything I learned as a Corporate Executive and Career Coach and channeled it into an easy to follow, step-by-step Career Management Membership System so you never have to wait as long, sink as low, or make as many mistakes as I did.

The Ultimate Career Reset is your customized mash-up of Career Management and Life Coaching so you feel confident to take back control of your career.

This is about figuring out what makes you tick, what you really want, and how to get out of your own way so you can make it happen.

This system is more powerful than any career plan you’ve ever put together because this plan is connected to YOU, not just your career. And you’ll build it step-by-step, at your own pace, with the support you need, every step of the way.

The end result: An incredibly powerful, always-on, long-term ASSET ready to help you reach your maximum potential for the rest of your working life.

Your ONE-STOP-SHOP Career Management Partner dedicated to helping you create your dream career

A Membership Program is the ideal way for you to reset your Career.

Resetting your career is bigger than going through a few modules in a standard online course. You need likely more than that.

By providing content and support in a membership environment, you’ll get all the tools and support you need to customize the right program for you, at the pace that makes sense for you.


This is the most comprehensive online program you’ll find. The membership content includes step-by-step lessons to help you

  • Figure out what kind of career is ideal for you
  • Create and maintain a success-based mindset
  • Build a strategic support network
  • Get the visibility you need with all the right people
  • Create a growth plan focused on optimizing your strengths and neutralzing your weaknesses
  • Write resumes that get you the interview
  • Demonstrate your perfect for the job in every interview
  • Learn to Network with feeling like you’re networking
  • And on… and on…. 

All the Core Content is available as soon as you sign up.  You’ll do a self-evaluation and meet with me 1-1 so we can curate a workflow that customized to your goals.


At an accessible monthly investment that you can cancel at any time.

Get a Sneak Peak into the UCR Membership

Customized Workflow For You

All the core online content is available to you from the day you join the membership.  But where do you start? At the beginning of your membership, we’ll meet One-on-One to understand where you are in your career, and what type of content and support makes sense for you. My team will put together a specific weekly workflow that is customized to your needs.

Weekly Tools & Support

The tools keep coming. Every week, I’ll be sending out inspiring weekly nudges, tools and insights that will help you maximize your workflow content. In addition, you’ll get access many of my stand-alone workshops that deep dive into Career How-To’s on Resume Building, Interviewing, Networking and developing Leadership Skills.

Community + Q&A

You’ll never be alone! Get access to a private FB Community of like-minded professionals all working towards a want-to-career.  Get your questions answered by the community, or by me.  I’ll be going Live every week to answer your questions and make sure everyone in the membership has what they need to reach their goals.

This is The Path to Your Potential

Based on 1000’s of hours of career management and coaching experience, I’ve developed this 4-staged path to help you reach your success goals. Every week, you’ll receive guidance on your next step.  I break the course content down into 30-45 min weekly work sessions to keep you motivated and executing down your customized path. 

At the beginning of your membership, we will work together to curate the best content for you.  And if you want to add on, no problem!  All the content is available to you throughout your membership.






If you’re going to make this work, you must get back in touch with the best version of you.

You’ve seen what you can achieve when you’re operating at your best.  But given your current situation, it makes sense if you haven’t seen that person for a while.

This phase is where you learn to shake off the frustrating BS, and reconnect with you at your best.


Resetting what you believe about your career potential


Staying focused on the things that give you the best return on your effort


Doubling down on the things you can control, and letting go of the things you can’t


Learning to leverage failure as a catalyst to success vs. allowing it to get in your way


Taking back control of your time and setting your ideal productivity strategy

The End Result: You have a mindset gameplan to fall back on whenever you feel like you’re getting off-track.

It’s time to move forward with YOU in mind. In order to have a career with meaning and purpose, you must explore what actually gives you meaning and purpose, and set big goals based on that.

At this stage, you’ll be focusing on what makes you YOU,  and answering two critical questions; What’s important to you? And why? And then based on what’s important, you can set guideposts for what your ideal want-to-career looks like.


Strategically select your top values and let go of the ones that are holding you back


Create clear career guideposts by defining the purpose behind each of your value.


Align your top values to our 6 Cornerstone Career Categories that are essential to your future success


Set powerful long-term and short-term goals that become the foundation of your career plan

The main outcome of doing this work is that you won’t feel lost anymore. You’ll be clearer than you’ve ever been on  the question ‘what’s important to you’. And you’ll be ready to plan ‘what’s next’ in your career.











You’re armed with the knowledge of who you are and what you want.  And now, you’re ready to go after it in a big way.

It’s time to build your 3×360º Career Reset Plan as a living, breathing, super-charged roadmap to your success. You’ll develop key strategies to get the growth, support and brand visibility you need to reach your short-term and long-term goal.


Build your personal brand and awareness strategy that let’s people know who you are and what you can do


Outline the framework for the people who will be part of your strategic support network, and how you will leverage them


Identify the priority areas for your personal and professional growth to get to your goal


Deal with the feelings of overwhelm and fear of failure that can get in the way of progress

The wheels are starting to move forward on your career plan, and this is where a lot of people get overwhelmed and scared.  But not you. You will receive tons of tools and support to keep you motivated and moving forward.

You know who you are, what you want, and you’ve built the roadmap to get it. Time to make it happen in the most effective way you can.

You’ll learn the art of short term thinking and tweaking to keep you motivated and consistently moving forward.


Efficiently plan and execute for success with the minimum amount of wasted time and energy


Learn the art of creating new habits that stick


Stay motivated and learn to deal with overwhelm when it pops up (we all have tough days!)


Activate the specific membership tools and special workshops you need to keep your momentum going (e.g. Networking, LinkedIn essentials, Job Search tool, New Business starter kit, etc. etc.)

You’re full-on implementing your career management system. You’re support system is firing. All the right people are seeing your value. Yes, you’ll still have wobbly days, but you have the support you need to get back on track.  You’re making your want-to-career a reality.






This is Totally Doable.

Even if you have a full time job.  Even if you hve no idea what your wan-to-career look like.  Even if you’ve never done this before.

This is totally doable because it just a process.  Take it one step at time and you’ll answer the questions you need to answer, you’ll get to where you want to go, and most importantly, you’ll get the career you want.

Get Started Now

Choose The Ultimate Career Reset Plan that fits your needs.  You can get started today about $1/day!


Checkout managed by Stripe & PayPal


Risk-Free.  You can cancel at anytime.

Need Help or Have Any Questions?  We’re Happy To Answer Them!

ENROLL NOW and get these BONUS Career Training Programs & Quarterly Workshops INCLUDED in your Membership!


The Finish Strong Formula

Do you start strong and then peter out? Do you have a boatload of half-finished projects lying around.  You’re not the only one.  This Bonus Training will help with productivity and mindset shifts you can make to get more done, more effectively and with less wasted time.

(Value $200) Included with your Membership


The Must-Have Guide for Dealing with a Difficult Boss

A bad boss can easily turn a want-to-job into a have-to-nightmare. In order to get the career you want, you must remove any roadblocks or barriers that are getting in your way, or taking up more than their fair share of your energy. Use this bonus training to neutralize the impact of our difficult boss and save your energy for your killer career plan!

(Value $200) Included with your Membership


The Resume Lab

Are you sending resumes out and all you get back are crickets? Or a ‘we’ll keep your resume on file’ form letter.  The Resume Lab will walk you through a step-by-step process to effectively dissect job descriptions, customize your resume, create a design that stands out, and write powerful cover letters, all with the goal of not only getting your resume on top of the pile. But more importantly, securing that covetted interview to share what you can do.

(Value $500) Included with your Membership

Want to Make This Happen Fast?? ACCELERATE Your Progress


12-Week Quick Start Program

Do you want to make your career shift happen as quickly as possible? No problem.  We can help with guided supported.  The 12-Week Quick Start Program helps you get to your goal faster. You’ll augment the core program with SIX Group Coaching Sessions to give you the dedicated support you need. Each session is 75 minutes long, and includes a max of 4 participants. You’ll get your customized workflow, plus LIVE coaching support to work through your blocks and keep you motivated.  Only sign up for this program if you have a minimum of 3 hours/wk to dedicate to course work.

Get Started Now

Choose The Ultimate Career Reset Plan that fits your needs.  You can get started today about $1/day!


Checkout managed by Stripe & PayPal


Risk-Free.  You can cancel at anytime.

Need Help or Have Any Questions?  We’re Happy To Answer Them!

Who is this Membership For?

Whether you want to find a new job, amp up your current career focus, go after that promotion, apply for your dream job, rebrand yourself or change careers completely, there’s one thing for sure … having a career that perfectly aligns with who you are and what you want, will profoundly impact the quality of your life. 

The Ultimate Career Reset is THE career management system that will help you;


Get clarity on what makes you tick today and how to incorporate that into your career


Be confident and clear about your next career move and all the ones after that too


Set big-thinking career goals aligned with you


Identify your real areas of growth opportunity and how you want to develop them (and neutralize everything else)


Zero in on blindspots that are holding you back, and drive the results you want


Build a support network that’s strategically aligned with your goals


Effectively brand yourself and create visibility in your industry


Stay focused and motivated every step of the way


Let of fear of failure and rejection and go after your potential


Get the ongoing support you need while you’re implementing the plan


Build resumes that get your foot in the door


Prep for interviews to demonstrate you’re perfect for the job


Be a role model to all the people who love you and count on you


Get the support of a community of like-minded, inspiring professionals just like you

And ultimately, create a career with meaning and purpose that gets you excited to get out of bed every morning. 

And there is so much more …. That’s the beauty of a membership.  You’re getting new content all the time.  It’s an ongoing two-way communication channel so you can get the information you need to help you maximize your unlimited potential!

Everything is online – no travel required.  Learn at your own pace.

The program is based online so you can participate from any where at any time.

Your membership gives you an all-access pass so you can go through the material each week as it’s released into the membership portal. So you can slow things down and work at your own pace.

You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow Resetters for support and guidance.

If You’ve Read This Far, You Owe This To Yourself

If you’ve read this far it means you know that you believe this program can help you.  So ask yourself this…

What is just one idea in The Ultimate Career Reset helps turn your career into something that you enjoy showing up for everyday?  What impact would that have on your family? Your joy?

What if just one strategy in The Ultimate Career Reset help you realize something that you thought impossible for you to achieve?

What is just one new technique or tool gave you confidence take back your career and leave a difficult work situation behind?

What if one new connection helped you to see that you’re not alone? Or was the connection you needed to go after the job of your dreams?

What would these changes realistically be worth to you over the course of your career… your lifetime?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Don’t miss your chance to start having the career you’ve been dreaming of.


Get Started Now

Choose The Ultimate Career Reset Plan that fits your needs.  You can get started today about $1/day!


Checkout managed by Stripe & PayPal


Risk-Free.  You can cancel at anytime.

Need Help or Have Any Questions?  We’re Happy To Answer Them!

Top FAQs

How does the program work?

Once you sign up, you’ll be directed to some video content and a questionnaire that will give you insight into what kind of support you need.  Then you can book your one-on-one strategy session with me, so we can identify the best customized workflow for you.

Based on our discussion, you’ll receive a customized step-by-step workflow for you to follow.  And each week, you’ll get and email with new tools and inspiration to keep you focused and motivated to keep taking control of your career.

How much time a week do I need to spend on this?

The bottom line is you can work at your own pace. The content is planned to take you no more than one hour a week.  That’s including the video and any exercises. But as I always say, if you have 30 min a week, then dedicated 30 minutes a week.  It doesn’t matter how fast you get there, it’s about consistent effort.

What if I want to go faster?

The content is always available so you can go as fast or as slow as you like.  But if you want to get the best results in the quickest amount of time, sign up for th Acclerated Membership.  You’ll get 12-Week Quick Start Workflow and 6 Group Coaching Sessions to help you get to your goals both effectively and efficiently!

How is the course delivered?

The course is 100% online.  You’ll create your unique login in information when you sign up.  You’ll immediately receive an email with the course link and everything you need to know to get you started.

And if you have any questions, you can send me an email @ or post a question in the Facebook Group.

What if this program isn’t for me? Is there a refund policy?

You can cancel the program at any time.  If you purchased an annual membership, we will refund the pro-rated amount based on how long you’ve been in the program. No problem.  The important thing is you find the right tools to help you take back control of your career, and have the career you want and deserve.

Can I access the content if I decide to leave the membership?

No.  If you decide to leave the program, you will no longer have access to the membership portal or the closed Facebook Group.

If I sign up for the Accelerated Program, how will the group coaching work?

After our initial strategy session, you will be assigned to an existing group.  Groups are a maximum of 3 people.  People in the group may be at different stages of development.  Not to worry.  Everyone learns from everyone no matter where you are in your career process. Each session is 75 min. And in that time, each person will get a minimum of 20 minutes to work through any questions or struggles that are keeping them from moving forward.

If I have any questions BEFORE I sign up, can I contact someone?

Absolutely.  Send your questions to me @ 

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